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IEC 60068-2-13 Altitude TestingIEC 60068-2-13 Low Air Pressure Testing

The object of IEC 60068-2-13 testing is to determine the ability of components, equipment or other articles to be stored, transported or used under low air pressure conditions. All testing under IEC-60068-2-13 is conducted at ambient room temperature.

The testing specified in the IEC 60068-2-13 test standard requires the air pressure to remain within a tolerance of plus or minus 5% of the required limits. The standard contains a chart that specifies the kPa (ranges from 1 to 84), mbar (ranges from 10 to 840) and approximate altitude above sea level (ranges from 31,200 to 3,000).

In addition to specifying the pressure, IEC 60068-2-13 also details the duration of the test. The durations to select from are five minutes, 30 minutes, two hours, four hours and 16 hours.

Expert IEC 60068-2-13 Regulatory Compliance Test Lab

Keystone Compliance has multiple altitude chambers capable of performing IEC-60068-2-13 testing. Having multiple chambers significantly reduces the lead time on testing and expedites the turnaround time on the testing and test report.

Our engineers take great pride in assisting manufacturers identify and meet the requirements of the standard. If problems arise, our team provides expertise in troubleshooting assistance. This engineering guidance is a reason Keystone Compliance has been recognized as a leader in regulatory compliance testing and one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Please contact us to receive a quote on your IEC 60068-2-13 test needs.

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