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Military Standard Environmental Testing

Environmental military testing provides standards vital to the compliance of military industries and manufacturers. Manufacturers must comply strictly with various testing procedures in order to produce and sell reliable equipment in the military market.

Meeting the military test requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

As an ISO-17025-accredited test lab, Keystone Compliance is accredited to complete MIL-STD test programs. Our test facility includes several shakers, dozens of climatics chambers and other necessary equipment required to fulfill military environmental laboratory testing.

Ready to get started? We are. Contact us to see why so many companies work with us to achieve their military standard testing needs.

Summary of Military Standard Testing

The testing of military products assists in program planning and engineering of materials. Furthermore, military standard testing considers the influences that environmental stresses may have on a product’s life cycle. 

Military standard test specifications include the following test methods and sections. For more information on each type of testing, please click on the associated links.