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Package Testing

Package testing is a comprehensive process that simulates the real world of the supply chain by emulating various activities in a lab environment. The goals of package testing are to reduce damage and warranty claims, achieve certification standards of some vendors and reduce shipping costs through lighter and smaller packaging. The predominant governing body in the writing of package testing standards is the International Safe Transit Association or ISTA.

As an ISTA-certified package testing lab, Keystone Compliance thoroughly understands the requirements. We provide our customers with the benefit of our test reports being recognized around the world. Keystone is also accredited to ISO-17025, including many ASTM standards. The company was named to the Amazon APASS network as one of the few Amazon-approved labs in the country.

Summary of Package Integrity Testing

Package testing can also be known as Package Integrity TestingTransport Compliance TestingDistribution Testing, or even Transportation Testing.

The bulk of package testing involves simulating real-world conditions that a package might experience during its journey through the supply chain. Depending on the product and industry, the touch points can often reach double digits and also involve some extreme conditions.

Packages must successfully navigate conditions such as extreme temperatures, temperature variations, compression, vibration, impact, shock, drop, reduced pressure and altitude. The packaging must not only standup to these events, it must do so while maintaining the integrity and performance of the product it houses.

Most package testing standards simulate a chain of events with strict requirements. In addition to providing testing to specific standards, Keystone can also provide custom simulated shipping environments as well as tests to failure to determine the useful life of materials and package designs. These test cycles can assist with determining warranty periods, warning stickers and user instructions.

E-Commerce has dramatically added complexity to package testing. While most retailers require compliance to existing ISTA or ASTM standards, some retailers such as Amazon and Sam’s Club have created their own requirements. Amazon has multiple levels of product certification that are based on the amount of prep Amazon must provide, the material composition of the packaging, and the amount of time necessary to remove a product from its packaging.

As an approved testing lab for Amazon, Keystone can assist companies work through the Amazon process. We have an entire website dedicated to our Amazon package testing:

Keystone Provides Expert Package Regulatory Compliance

What makes Keystone Compliance different in the package testing world? We have extensive experience and understand ISTA, ASTM, ISO and other package integrity requirements. We do not over-test. Our professional equipment and dedicated report writers expedite the testing and report turnaround time.

Additionally, Keystone provides constant communication and professional engineering consultation throughout the entire test program. Our pricing is competitive and we offer volume discounts.

Request a quote to see why so many companies partner with Keystone to meet their package testing needs.

Our scope of capabilities include but are not limited to the following standards:

Other Package Testing Standards


As an ISTA, Amazon, and ASTM -certified package testing lab and shipping test lab, Keystone Compliance can meet your package test needs. By providing quick turnarounds, competitive pricing and engineering assistance, Keystone Compliance has become a leader in the shipping test industry. Receiving a quote to complete packaging testing is as easy as completing our online quote form or calling us at 724 913-3344.

We have created sites that focus on our package testing capabilities. To learn more about our Amazon package testing please visit For all other package testing inquiries, please visit