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Consumer Products Package Integrity Testing

The consumer products industry encompasses all the products that consumers purchase in stores. Before these products hit the shelves, they must pass through distribution channels that put stress on the product and its packaging. In some cases, these stresses can cause damage to the package or the product itself, rendering it unfit for consumer use. These types of damages are costly but avoidable.

Package testing can provide insights into package design. If packaging exhibits failure under stress, a company then has the opportunity to redesign their package to withstand the distribution chain.

Damages to product and packaging during distribution result in costly replacement fees. With the proper testing and certification, many of those costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether.

On average, companies lose about $1 billion per year in the US as a result of shipping damage. That is equal to half a percent of gross sales per year! Package testing will ensure package integrity throughout shipping to mitigate these types of business expenses.

Customer satisfaction can also be affected by shipping damages. If a product is not able to be sold when it reaches the retailer, they will have to either take a loss or go through the replacement process. This can cost your company time, money, and customers. Trust Keystone to help ensure that your product will reach your retailers in a timely manner.

Product package testing can be a valuable tool during the development process. As a new product is developed, or an existing product is modified, it is important that the package can and will be transported safely. In the event of a failure, the package can be modified to better protect the product. Package deficiencies are better found during development than after production.

The consumer products industry is a $635 billion industry. It is crucial to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-changing landscape of commerce. You can do this by ensuring that your products are meeting expectations and deadlines. With package testing as a standard practice for your products, you can reassure your customers that you are a reliable company that will supply products fit to turn a profit.

Expert Consumer Product Package Testing

Keystone has experience testing large shipping containers and individual packages. We partner with companies to make sure their products are protected and will reach their destination safely. Below are some of the standards that consumer products are often tested to.

Companies partner with us for package testing because of our high-quality work. We take pride in being a full-service testing laboratory that delivers accurate testing and reports in a timely fashion. Our customers appreciate the transparency and experience that we bring to every test. Please contact us or request a quote. We look forward to working with you!