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Boeing D6-81926 Equipment Vibration Test Requirements

Boeing D6-81926 Equipment Vibration Test Requirements

Boeing D6-81926 provides vibration related reference requirements for Boeing engineers responsible for the preparation of equipment Specification Control Drawings (SCD) and for equipment supplier engineers who prepare Qualification Test Procedures (QTP) and Qualification Test Reports (QTR).
The purpose of Boeing D6-81926 is to:

  • define consistent equipment vibration and shock qualification design/test requirements for all Boeing commercial airplane models.
  • summarize equipment acceleration load factors required by FARs.
  • define Fan Blade Failure vibration design/test requirements for flight critical equipment.

The purpose of equipment vibration qualification testing is to demonstrate, via test, that equipment functionality and durability are sufficient to provide trouble-free service over the aircraft design life. To accomplish this in a relatively short test time, the vibration test levels are higher than the actual service vibration environment. The test levels are derived using standard time compression methods based upon a fatigue failure mode.

The purpose of acceleration testing is to ensure sufficient structural integrity for the airplane operating environment, and in the case of Emergency Landing Loads, to protect passengers and crew in the event of an emergency landing. The purpose of shock testing is to evaluate any susceptibility to damage during bench handling, shipping, emergency landing, and in a few unique cases, the airplane operating environment.

The purpose of Fan Blade Failure testing is to ensure flight critical equipment can withstand that condition.

The equipment test requirements defined in Boeing D6-81926 are applicable to all models of Boeing commercial aircraft. This document is intended for:

  • new equipment.
  • existing equipment that is being installed in new locations on
  • new/derivative aircraft.
  • existing equipment that is being modified sufficiently to warrant retesting.

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