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As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, so do the costs associated with selling online. Companies are often subject to chargebacks and prep fees.

When products are shipped to the consumer, they encounter stresses throughout the distribution process. Stresses can include anything from environmental changes to careless handling. In the event that these stresses result in product damage, consumers are left dissatisfied. This can result in returns and hassles for your company.

Package testing can reduce returns due to product damage. This will help your company save money in the long term.

The purpose of package testing is to ensure that packages are sturdy enough to withstand distribution and keep the product protected until it reaches the end consumer. Testing can be done for either screening or prediction. Screening will test the product and package as is to see if it can survive the distribution channels.

Through testing that measures the effects of vibrations, shocks, drops, pressurization, and temperature changes, Keystone can help identify weak points in packaging. If any weak points are identified, the company can redesign their packaging to make sure that it will be better equipped to handle stresses. The end goal is to help you become certified with the necessary standards so that the product will always arrive to the consumer how it was intended.

Expert E-Commerce Package Testing Solutions

Many companies find that with other laboratories, they face over-testing. This is when a lab tests more products than is necessary. Keystone does not over-test. Our test engineers work with companies to find qualifying exemptions because we have your best interest in mind. We also seek to develop long term relationships with our customers. If you change packaging or need to have packaging retested, we will make your recertification a priority.

Below is a list of the most common testing standards used for eCommerce businesses.

With consumers buying more frequently on Amazon, it is important to meet all of the regulations set forth by Amazon. For this reason, Amazon and ISTA have partnered to create a standard specific to the shipping needs of Amazon.

Keystone’s experienced testing engineers can help you achieve certification. From working with you to find qualifying exemptions to delivering a comprehensive report, the Keystone team is a reliable resource for you. To learn more about our Amazon testing services, please visit our Amazon Package Testing site,

Companies partner with us for package testing because of our high-quality work. We take pride in being a full-service testing laboratory that delivers accurate testing and reports in a timely fashion. Our customers appreciate the transparency and experience that we bring to every test. Request a quote and find out first hand about our competitive pricing, timely process, and outstanding reputation.