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IP Code Testing Standards

From IP0X to IPX9, Keystone Compliance can accommodate every ingress protection testing need. Plus, when needed, Keystone’s engineers help identify any ingress points that exist in a device and work to determine potential solutions.

While there are many combinations of testing, our laboratory often tests particular ones that are the most popular in the industry.

Ingress protection testing tests the level of protection an enclosure provides against intrusions. Intrusions can be defined as body parts, water, dust and other foreign objects. The IP Code, also known as the International Protection Marking, rates the degree of protection that the enclosure provides. The IP Code has two digits. The first digit is the protection from solid particles and the second digit is the protection from liquids.

Keystone Provides Expert IP Code Testing

What sets Keystone Compliance’s testing apart is our experience in helping manufacturers determine ingress points in their products and also identifying potential solutions. We also have significant expertise in interpreting the standards, which often provides manufacturers with flexibility in determining acceptable amounts of ingress.

Just because some liquid or dust may enter an enclosure, does not automatically mean that the unit has not met the requirements. If the unit that requires testing is too large to move, no problem. We have experience completing ingress protection testing at the customer’s facilities.

Request a quote and find out first hand about our competitive pricing, timely process, and outstanding reputation. Contact us to receive more information on IP Code testing.