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IP Code Testing

From IP0X to IPX9, Keystone Compliance can accommodate every ingress protection testing need. Plus, when needed, Keystone’s engineers help identify any ingress points that exist in a device and work to determine potential solutions. While there are many combinations of testing, our laboratory often tests to particular ones that are the most popular in the industry. View our list of Popular IP Code Standards.

Ingress protection testing tests the level of protection an enclosure provides against intrusions. Intrusions can be defined as body parts, water, dust and other foreign objects. The IP Code, also known as the International Protection Marking, rates the degree of protection that the enclosure provides. The IP Code has two digits. The first digit is the protection from solid particles and the second digit is the protection from liquids.

What sets Keystone Compliance’s testing apart is our experience in helping manufacturers determine ingress points in their products and also identifying potential solutions. We also have significant expertise in interpreting the standards, which often provides manufacturers with flexibility in determining acceptable amounts of ingress. Just because some liquid or dust may enter an enclosure, does not automatically mean that the unit has not met the requirements. If the unit that requires testing is too large to move, no problem. We have experience completing ingress protection testing at the customer’s facilities.

The IP Codes range from IP0X to IPX9. The first digit ranges from 0 to 6. The second digit ranges from 0 to 9. The two digits in an ingress protection marking code are completely independent of each other. Some devices only need to be IP rated to one of the two digits. Given these parameters, there are 70 combinations of ingress protection codes. Keystone Compliance is accredited to all 70 combinations which are detailed at the bottom of the page. We also have experience with a number of the standards that reference IP Code testing including IEC 60529, IEC 60598, NEMA 250 and ISO 20653. There is a cross-reference chart between NEMA and IP Codes, which has been included below.

Why is Keystone Compliance the right IP Code lab to complete your ingress testing? Our customers enjoy our short lead times, ability to explain the process and testing requirements, consultative engineering support when failures occur and affordable pricing. It is what has made us one of the fastest growing companies in the country and most respected test labs in the region. Contact us to receive a quote for ingress protection testing and see why we are the only ingress protection lab for so many manufacturers from around the country.

NEMA / IP Code Cross-Reference Chart:

NEMA 250 EnclosureIP Codes
3, 3X, 3S, 3SXIP55
3R, 3RXIP24
4, 4XIP66
12, 12K, 13IP54


Explanation of Every IP Code:

IP RatingDegree of Protection Against Solid Foreign Objects (1st Number)Degree of Protection Against Liquid (2nd Number)
IP00Not ProtectedNot protected
IP01Not ProtectedDripping water
IP02Not ProtectedDripping water when tilted up to 15°
IP03Not ProtectedSpraying water
IP04Not ProtectedSplashing water
IP05Not ProtectedWater jets
IP06Not ProtectedPowerful water jets
IP07Not ProtectedImmersion up to 1 m
IP08Not ProtectedImmersion beyond 1 m
IP09Not ProtectedHigh-pressure and temperature water jets
IP10Solid object >50 mmNot protected
IP11Solid object >50 mmDripping water
IP12Solid object >50 mmDripping water when tilted up to 15°
IP13Solid object >50 mmSpraying water
IP14Solid object >50 mmSplashing water
IP15Solid object >50 mmWater jets
IP16Solid object >50 mmPowerful water jets
IP17Solid object >50 mmImmersion up to 1 m
IP18Solid object >50 mmImmersion beyond 1 m
IP19Solid object >50 mmHigh-pressure and temperature water jets
IP20Solid object >12.5 mmNot protected
IP21Solid object >12.5 mmDripping water
IP22Solid object >12.5 mmDripping water when tilted up to 15°
IP23Solid object >12.5 mmSpraying water
IP24Solid object >12.5 mmSplashing water
IP25Solid object >12.5 mmWater jets
IP26Solid object >12.5 mmPowerful water jets
IP27Solid object >12.5 mmImmersion up to 1 m
IP28Solid object >12.5 mmImmersion beyond 1 m
IP29Solid object >12.5 mmHigh-pressure and temperature water jets
IP30Solid object>2.5 mmNot protected
IP31Solid object>2.5 mmDripping water
IP32Solid object>2.5 mmDripping water when tilted up to 15°
IP33Solid object>2.5 mmSpraying water
IP34Solid object>2.5 mmSplashing water
IP35Solid object>2.5 mmWater jets
IP36Solid object>2.5 mmPowerful water jets
IP37Solid object>2.5 mmImmersion up to 1 m
IP38Solid object>2.5 mmImmersion beyond 1 m
IP39Solid object>2.5 mmHigh-pressure and temperature water jets
IP40Solid object>1 mmNot protected
IP41Solid object>1 mmDripping water
IP42Solid object>1 mmDripping water when tilted up to 15°
IP43Solid object>1 mmSpraying water
IP44Solid object>1 mmSplashing water
IP45Solid object>1 mmWater jets
IP46Solid object>1 mmPowerful water jets
IP47Solid object>1 mmImmersion up to 1 m
IP48Solid object>1 mmImmersion beyond 1 m
IP49Solid object>1 mmHigh-pressure and temperature water jets
IP50Dust protectedNot protected
IP51Dust protectedDripping water
IP52Dust protectedDripping water when tilted up to 15°
IP53Dust protectedSpraying water
IP54Dust protectedSplashing water
IP55Dust protectedWater jets
IP56Dust protectedPowerful water jets
IP57Dust protectedImmersion up to 1 m
IP58Dust protectedImmersion beyond 1 m
IP59Dust protectedHigh-pressure and temperature water jets
IP60Dust tightNot protected
IP61Dust tightDripping water
IP62Dust tightDripping water when tilted up to 15°
IP63Dust tightSpraying water
IP64Dust tightSplashing water
IP65Dust tightWater jets
IP66Dust tightPowerful water jets
IP67Dust tightImmersion up to 1 m
IP68Dust tightImmersion beyond 1 m
IP69Dust tightHigh-pressure and temperature water jets


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