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ISTA Package Testing Lab

ISTA Package Testing

Package testing is a comprehensive process that simulates the real world of the supply chain by emulating various activities in a lab environment. The goals of package testing are to reduce damage and warranty claims, achieve certification standards of some vendors and reduce shipping costs through lighter and smaller packaging. The predominant governing body in the writing of package testing standards is the International Safe Transit Association or ISTA.

As an ISTA-certified package testing lab, Keystone Compliance thoroughly understands the requirements and provides its customers with the benefit of their test reports being recognized around the world. The company was also named to the Amazon APASS network as one of the few Amazon-approved labs in the country.

Summary of ISTA Regulatory Transit Testing

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) develops testing standards that determine how packages should perform when exposed to the rigors of the supply chain. ISTA package testing simulates the environmental effects the handling of packages can have on the packaging and the contents of the packaging. ISTA’s standards are the most recognized in the industry.

ISTA compliance tests range from those utilized in the early design process to tests that simulate hazardous conditions found in specific transportation environments. 

The ISTA compliance testing standards are separated into a total of 7 series.

ISTA Series 1: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Testing: Challenges the capability of the package and product to withstand transport hazards. However, the standards are not simulations of actual transport hazards.

ISTA Series 2: Partial Simulation Performance Testing: A combination of basic test elements of ISTA series 1 and ISTA series 3. ISTA 2 only partially simulates actual transport hazards.

ISTA Series 3: General Simulation Performance Testing: Advanced tests that are designed to challenge the capability of the package and product to withstand transport hazards. This series utilizes the general simulation of actual transport hazards. This is the most preferred ISTA testing series and highly recommended by Keystone.

ISTA Series 4: Packaged-Products for Known Distribution Channels: An extension of General Simulation, covering all typical distribution hazards in a realistic way. This series covers testing of 12 different package types, 4 handling types, and 7 types of load-carrying materials or combinations.

ISTA Series 5: This series is currently not active.

ISTA Series 6-Amazon: SIOC: General simulations for packaged products shipped by vendors to Amazon Fulfillment Centers and delivered to final customers.

ISTA Series 7: Temperature Validation Performance Testing: Evaluates the relative ability of a package against external temperatures. The series is used to compare relative performance of two or more container designs but are not intended to evaluate the protection afforded packaged-products.

Expert ISTA Series Compliance Testing

Keystone Compliance provides the opportunity to label their products with the ISTA Transit Certification Mark. That mark, along with Keystone’s test reports, are recognized around the globe.

Keystone provides a full suite of ISTA-related testing. Our scope of accreditation includes virtually every ISTA standard and can be applied to packages from small boxes to over-sized pallets. Our ISTA Package Testing capabilities include altitude, compression, drop, humidity, shock, temperature and vibration. Within each of those primary categories are a variety of specialized tests. For instance, within drop testing is free-fall drop, drop onto hazard, bridge impact drop, concentrated edge impact drop, rotational flat drop, full rotational drop and rotational edge drop.

To learn about our full scope of package testing capabilities, please visit our site dedicated to package testing at

Our customized integrity tests can replicate any shipping conditions. With an experienced staff and specialized test equipment, our team can work with you to design an ideal test plan. We can also use accelerometers in the field to record vibration profiles, enter them into our shaker controller and create a test program based on the actual events the package is experiencing in the field.

The menu on the right presents some of the many ISTA standards in our scope of accreditation. In addition to ISTA testing, we are also certified to administer Amazon and ASTM package testing.

From short lead times on scheduling, to affordable pricing including volume discounts, to timely communication throughout the test program, Keystone Compliance is a perfect partner. Contact Us to receive a quote on your next package testing program. Find out firsthand why so many companies rely on Keystone Compliance for package testing.

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