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What is Tip-Over Package Integrity Testing?

Tip integrity testing evaluates filled tall or top-heavy cases, crates, or unitized loads. These units may tip over when tilted to a predetermined angle. Tip testing will also assess a crate’s resistance to impacts associated with tip-over hazards.

As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, Keystone realizes the importance of tip over integrity testing. Meeting the regulatory compliance requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

When packages do not meet certain requirements, Keystone Compliance assists with finding solutions. Our proven process helps avoid product launch delays. Furthermore, we take a consultative approach throughout the entire test program.

Request a quote to receive testing services customized to your specific needs. Have a question about tip over integrity testing? Contact us and we will determine the best course of action.

Why is Tip-Over Compliance Testing Important?

Tip testing allows the user to determine the integrity and stability of a predetermined load during transportation. The test also guides to improve the design of the shipping container when deficiencies are found.

Damages to products and packaging during distribution can bring about expensive replacement fees. A harsh distribution system can also result in a decline in sales, lost customer loyalty, and constant interruptions and delays. Many of these costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated with the proper testing and certification.

Package testing will ensure packaging integrity throughout transportation to mitigate risks. When correctly performing tip-over integrity compliance testing, benefits will include:

  • Product to market time reduction
  • Confidence in product launch
  • Reduced damages and product loss
  • Balanced distribution costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction and a growing market share

Tip-over Package Compliance Testing Procedures

The first portion of the test procedure is to place the product on the floor in its intended shipping orientation. The product is then tilted from its vertical position to a 22-degree tip angle in one of the potentially unstable directions.

If the box continues to tip and falls before reaching 22 degrees, then it must be allowed to fall on the floor. Method F of ASTM D6179: Rough Handling of Crates, Cases, and Unitized Loads states that If it does not fall on its own once the angle reaches 22 degrees, it should be returned to its upright position. On the other hand, Method G states that the unit under testing is slowly tipped until it completely freely falls.

This product should be tilted in all potentially unstable directions.

After the completion of the tip over integrity test, a report is compiled with the following information. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive.

  • Condition of the test item(s) after the test
  • Date, time, and name of engineer conducting the test
  • Description of the equipment used to conduct the test
  • Description of the contents
  • Description of the test procedures used, angle of the drop, and height of the drop.
  • Dimensions of the case, crate, or unitized load

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Keystone’s Tip Test Equipment and Capabilities

Keystone’s test machines are capable of precise drops from different heights and angles. Additionally, our package testing laboratory includes multiple compression testers and shakers up to 12 kips.

We utilize more than two dozen climatic chambers with sizes ranging from reach-in to large walk-in chambers up to 1,300 cubic feet. These thermal chambers can accommodate up to entire vehicles and substantial pieces of equipment.

Expert Package Compliance Testing Laboratory

Keystone Compliance accommodates flexible and rigid packages of all sizes, including large pallets. Our team strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing. In addition to tip-over testing, Keystone has a full scope of expertise including drop, seal strength, and accelerated aging.

Contact us to learn first hand why so many companies partner with Keystone to achieve their regulatory compliance certification needs. Request a quote to receive testing services customized to your specific needs.