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MIL-STD-464 Testing

MIL-STD 464 establishes electromagnetic environmental effects (E3) interface requirements and verification criteria for airborne, sea, space, and ground systems, including associated ordnance.

MIL-STD-464 is the requirement set for procurement of complete or modified integrated platform of one type or another such as launch vehicle, submarine, ship, spacecraft, ground vehicle or air vehicle.

MIL STD 464 requires that the system shall be electromagnetically compatible among all subsystems and
equipment within the system and with environments caused by electromagnetic effects external to the system. Verification shall be accomplished on production representative systems. Safety critical functions shall be verified to be electromagnetically compatible within the system and with external environments prior to use in those environments.

MIL-STD-464 requires that verification shall address all life cycle aspects of the system, including (as applicable) normal in-service operation, checkout, storage, transportation, handling, packaging, loading, unloading, launch, and the normal operating procedures associated with each aspect.

MIL-STD-464 is revised periodically. The existing versions of the standard include  MIL-STD-464-C, MIL-STD-464 B and MIL-STD-464 A.

Keystone Compliance assists manufacturers with MIL-STD-464 compliance. This page lists every method and section of the standard for informational purposes. There may be methods and sections that fall outside of our scope. Please contact us for more information on how Keystone Compliance can assist you with identifying and fulfilling your MIL-STD-464 needs.