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MIL-STD-285 EMC Attenuation / Shielding Effectiveness Test

MIL-STD-285 testing details a method of measuring the attenuation characteristics of electromagnetic shielding enclosures. The testing is used for electronic test purposes over the frequency range 100 kilocycles to 10,000 megacycles. Attenuation is defined as the received powers on opposite sides of a shield when the shield is illuminated by electromagnetic radiation. Attenuation is expressed as a ratio in decibels (db).

When conducting shielding effectiveness testing on an enclosed room to MIL-STD-285, all power lines, RF cables and other utilities entering the shielded enclosure must be in place. Additional attention should be placed on utility entrances, doors and access panels. Measurement taken during testing address measurement of attenuation to low impedance (magnetic) fields, high impedance (electric) fields and plane waves.

Keystone Compliance has significant experience completing site surveys to determine the level of attenuation. Our team diligently completes the assessments and provides valuable feedback on any points of entry that should be addressed. This feedback often includes suggestions for remediating any aperture points of entry (POE) and conductive points of entry. Our experience provides insight on improving protection as well as in determining specific locations within the facility that be more likely to serve as a point of entry.

Please contact us to receive a quote for MIL-STD-285 testing to determine the attenuation of your enclosure.