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IEC 60068-2-64 Environmental Testing: Vibration

IEC 60068-2-64 Environmental Testing: Vibration

IEC 60068-2-30 testing covers broadband random vibration testing intended for general application to components, equipment and other products, that may be subjected to vibrations of a stochastic nature. The methods and techniques in IEC-60068-2-30 are based on digital control of random vibration. Broadband random vibration may be used to identify accumulated stress effects and the resulting mechanical weakness and degradation in the specified performance.

IEC60068-2-30 testing is applicable to equipment which may be subjected to vibration of a stochastic nature resulting from transportation or operational environments, for example in aircraft, space vehicles and land vehicles. It is primarily intended for unpackaged equipment, and for items in their transportation container when the latter may be considered as part of the equipment itself. However, if the item is packaged, then the item itself is referred to as a product and the item and its packaging together are referred to as a test specimen. IEC 60068-2-30 may be used in conjunction with IEC 60068-2-47:2005, for testing packaged products.

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