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RTCA/DO-160 Testing

RTCA/DO 160 Testing Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment

The RTCA /DO 160 test defines standard environmental test conditions and applicable test procedures for airborne equipment. The standard provides a manufacturer and laboratory the means of demonstrating the performance characteristics of airborne equipment in environmental conditions that may be encountered in operation of the equipment in aircraft.

DO-160 testing has been revised to address the emerging and improved test technologies resulting from the increased understanding of equipment operation under actual environmental conditions. The current version of the standard is the DO-160F test.

Keystone Compliance can assist with many of the DO-160 test requirements. RTCA/DO 160 testing contains the following sections:

DO-160 Section 1: Purpose and Applicability
DO-160 Section 2: Definition of Terms
DO-160 Section 3: Conditions of Tests
DO-160 Section 4: Temperature and Altitude
DO-160 Section 5: Temperature Variation
DO-160 Section 6: Humidity
DO-160 Section 7: Operational Shocks and Crash Safety
DO-160 Section 8: Vibration
DO-160 Section 9: Explosion Proofness
DO-160 Section 10: Waterproofness
DO-160 Section 11: Fluids Susceptibility
DO-160 Section 12: Sand and Dust
DO-160 Section 13: Fungus Resistance
DO-160 Section 14: Salt Fog
DO-160 Section 15: Magnetic Effect
DO-160 Section 16: Power Input
DO-160 Section 17: Voltage Spike
DO-160 Section 18: Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility-Power Inputs
DO-160 Section 19: Induced Signal Susceptibility
DO-160 Section 20: Radio Frequency Susceptibility (Radiated and Conducted)
DO-160 Section 21: Emission of Radio Frequency Energy
DO-160 Section 22: Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility
DO-160 Section 23: Lightning Direct Effects
DO-160 Section 24: Icing
DO-160 Section 25: Electrostatic Discharge
DO-160 Section 26: Fire, Flammability


RTCA/DO160 testing is revised periodically. The existing versions of the standard include RTCA/DO-160 G, RTCA/DO-160 F, RTCA/DO-160 E, RTCA/DO-160 D, RTCA/DO-160 C, RTCA/DO-160 B and RTCA/DO-160 A.

Keystone Compliance assists manufacturers with RTCA/DO-160 test compliance. This page lists every method and section of the standard for informational purposes. There may be methods and sections that fall outside of our scope. Please contact us for more information on how Keystone Compliance can assist you with identifying and fulfilling your RTCA/DO-160 testing needs.