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RTCA/DO-160 Compliance Testing

The RTCA /DO 160 test defines standard environmental test conditions and applicable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test procedures for airborne equipment. The standard provides a manufacturer and test laboratory the means of demonstrating the performance characteristics of airborne equipment in environmental and electrical conditions that may be encountered in operation of the equipment in aircraft.

DO-160 testing has been revised to address the emerging and improved test technologies resulting from the increased understanding of equipment operation under actual environmental conditions. The test standard can be broken down into administrative, electromagnetic and mechanical.

The Administrative Sections of the DO 160 standard includes three general sections. These sections provide the basis and foundation of all of the EMC and mechanical testing sections.

  • DO-160 Section 1: Purpose and Applicability
  • DO-160 Section 2: Definition of Terms
  • DO-160 Section 3: Conditions of Tests

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Sections include ten different areas of testing. Keystone Compliance has the capabilities and expertise to meet all of the RTCA-DO-160 EMC test requirements. With seven EMC test chambers, we are able to offer short lead times on scheduling. Our pricing is competitive. We provide engineering guidance and clear communication throughout the test program. Please click on a link to see additional information about that particular section.

There are 13 Mechanical Testing Sections of RTCA/DO-160F testing. Our lab works features four shakers and nearly two dozen temperature and humidity chambers. We also have salt-fog chambers, IP Code testing equipment and dust chambers. Our environmental testing knowledge and experience allows us to meet custom test setups and test programs. Please click on a link to learn more about each of the environmental test sections of RTCA DO-160 testing.

Keystone Compliance is recognized as an industry leader in RTCA/DO-160F compliance testing. Our knowledge allows us to assist manufacturers with product compliance by streamlining the testing process. As previously mentioned, use the links above to learn more about each individual test section.

Please request a quote for more information on how Keystone Compliance can assist you with identifying and fulfilling your RTCA/DO-160 testing needs.