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EIA-364 Testing of Electrical Connector/Sockets

EIA-364 establishes environmental testing laboratory procedures for electrical connectors and sockets. As a certified environmental lab, we realize the importance of EIA compliance testing. Meeting the environmental electrical connector/socket requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

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Summary of EIA-364 Environmental Testing

It is intended that the environmental classifications provide a guide to develop test sequences that are expected to assure proper evaluation for each classification. Classes cover a broad range of environmental conditions starting with controlled indoor environments and progressing to more severe environments. This compliance standard also includes the administrative details and guidelines for connector/socket qualifications and other EIA-364 test requirements.

The qualification sequences and severity levels are invoked by this EIA environmental lab testing document. EIA-364 references the applicable classes and specific test sequences to be used for product qualification.

Lastly, environmental conditions for each class such as temperature and humidity must reflect the expected maximum equipment operating conditions.

Scope of EIA-364 Test Procedures for Connectors/Sockets

Qualification of a connector/socket series may be established by similarity through testing parts representing the maximum size. A series includes connectors/sockets and contacts of identical design, spacing and configuration. Specimens for all sizes for which similarity is desired must be submitted at the time of qualification.

Qualified contacts which have the same physical dimensional configuration, base material, plating type and thickness are qualified with testing pertinent to the termination technique involved. 

Following the connector/socket qualification, the manufacturer can not make design changes, substitutions, material changes or process changes that affect the function, without full or partial requalification.

The EIA test specimens are first subjected to the test sequence shown in the standard. The test sequence establishes the order of exposure to the environmental conditions, and the subsequent test parameters measured to determine adequate performance for each connector/socket class.

Specific EIA-364 tests may be added or deleted from the recommended sequence, supplemental and/or termination test contingent on the specific application.

EIA-364 Environmental Compliance Testing Information

Unless otherwise stated, the measurements are performed after the samples have recovered to room ambient conditions. This includes temperatures ranging from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 20% to 80%. The test specimen must always be carefully handled as not to disturb the contact interface.

After the completion of the EIA laboratory test and data measurements, the test report is prepared by the test facility. Specific information especially included in this report may consist of:

  • Specimen preparations
  • Schematics
  • Photographs
  • A description of the test specimen
  • Summary of results
  • Discussion of any test problems
  • Descriptions of procedures, conditions and requirement levels

The following additional information should be included in the report when qualifying to a specification that does not specify materials and/or plating thickness:

  • Plastic
  • Contact material
  • Plating type and alloy, underplate, and thickness that were tested
  • Lubrication, if any
  • Surface treatment, if any

Lastly, in the event a failure occurs, a failure report is issued and the qualifying agency is notified.

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