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Manufacturing Industry Certification Testing Laboratory

Manufacturing Compliance and Certification Testing


Testing in the manufacturing industry is essential for ensuring product reliability, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. Without adequate testing, manufacturers face high failure rates, costly recalls, legal penalties, and damage to brand reputation.

For EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing, obtaining FCC, CE, or other compliance marks, allows the sale of electronic devices in major markets like the US and EU. On the other hand, environmental testing ensures durability and performance under various conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, vibrations, and exposure to dust and water. Key types include climatic testing, dynamic testing, and ingress protection (IP) testing.

Many manufacturers utilize our research and development lab early in the design or prototype phase to pinpoint potential trouble spots. This proactive approach is highly recommended, as making changes during the prototype stage is often more time and cost-effective than later in the product cycle.

Listed below are some of the tests that Keystone completed and specific standards that we have tested to. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you with meeting your EMC or environmental compliance testing needs.

Environmental Testing

Vibration & Shock Testing:

Temperature/Humidity Testing:

Ingress Protection Testing:

EMC Testing

Radiated/Conducted Emissions

Radiated/Conducted Immunity

Misc EMC Standards