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Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Keystone Compliance has developed an expertise in the testing of autonomous vehicles and their subsystems. Whether it be testing entire vehicles or individual systems and components, Keystone Compliance has the necessary equipment and knowledge to complete a thorough testing program.

Listed below are some of the tests that we have completed and specific standards that we have tested to. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you with meeting your EMC or environmental compliance testing needs.

Environmental Testing

Vibration & Shock Testing:

Temperature Testing:

  • Temperature Testing (with up to 2,000W Solar Load)
  • ISO 16750-4 Constant Temperature – Low Temperature
  • ISO 16750-4 Constant Temperature – High Temperature
  • ISO 16750-4 Temperature Step
  • Humidity Testing

Accelerated Life Testing (Combined Vibration & Temperature Testing)

Other Environmental Testing:

EMC Testing

Operating Under Power:

  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, 4.2.2 – Supply Voltage
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, 4.3.2 – Overvoltage
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, 4.4.2 – Supply Ripple Rejection, Low
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, 4.4.2 – Supply Ripple Rejection, High
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, 4.5.2 – Slow Supply Variation
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, – Momentary Drop in Supply Voltage
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, – Reset Behavior at Voltage Drop
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, – Reversed Voltage

Wiring Faults:

  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, 4.8.2 – Ground Offset
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, – Single Line Interruption
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, – Multiple Line Interruption
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, – Signal Circuit Short Circuit
  • ISO 16750-2:2006E, – Load Circuit Short Circuit