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E-Mark for Motor Vehicles (UN Resolution 10 / UNECE 10)

E-Mark for Motor Vehicles (UN Resolution 10 / UNECE 10)

The E-Mark is the harmonized certification requirement of the European Union and United Nations for road vehicles. The goal of the certification process is to ensure the safety of the vehicle driver, passengers and pedestrians when it comes to the operation of road vehicles. The framework of the testing is outlined in Directive 2007/46/EC and UN Regulation 10, also known as UNECE 10 testing. The testing includes electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), road noise, fuel economy, energy efficiency and emissions.

The UNECE 10 standard identifies vehicles in one of the following three categories:

  • E-Mark Category L: The vehicle has less than four wheels.
  • E-Mark Category M: The vehicle’s primary purpose is the transportation of people and their luggage.
  • E-Mark Category N: The vehicle’s primary purpose is the transportation of items.

There is also a Category O, which is for trailers designed to transport goods or people. There are additional classifications within each category. Any vehicles that fall outside of the scope of the E-Mark must typically comply with the CE Mark.

The testing process under UN Resolution 10 depends on the composition of the unit being tested. The testing can occur at an accredited lab like Keystone Compliance who will compile the test data in a test report that will be provided to the customer. The customer then submits the test report to a notified body for final review and approval. The notified body will submit a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). This certificate is the manufacturer’s proof that the unit conforms to all of the necessary requirements of UN 10. The manufacturer is require to affix the E-Mark on the unit.

Keystone Compliance is an ideal lab to complete automotive compliance testing. Our EMC lab features five test chambers, which allow for short lead times on scheduling. The lab is ISO-17025 accredited and offers engineering guidance and troubleshooting throughout the test program. This assistance differentiates us from other labs and is a major reason why Keystone Compliance has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the country by INC. Magazine. In addition to EMC testing we also provide a full scope of environmental testing (vibration, temperature, humidity, shock, altitude, salt-fog), ingress protection testing and ISTA-certified package testing. Whether your unit is an entire vehicle or an electronic subassembly (ESA), Keystone Compliance has a the knowledge and equipment necessary to complete the certification process.

Contact us to start the UNECE 10 compliance testing process.