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Keystone Compliance facility and equipment

Facility and Equipment Overview

Two key components that differentiate Keystone Compliance from other test labs are its facility and equipment.


Customer comfort is a priority of Keystone Compliance. The facility is a 30,000 sq. ft. building completely renovated in 2011, located on a four-acre campus. The lab space is brightly lit, temperature-controlled, and features a spacious customer lounge with individual workstations, WiFi, and numerous other amenities.



Our EMC/EMI lab is highlighted by five test chambers, including two anechoic/ferrite lined 3-meter chambers and three semi-anechoic EMC test chambers. A double-door entry into a 32’ by 20’ semi-anechoic chamber with an 8’ turntable allows us to accommodate oversized equipment. The two three-meter chambers have oversized doors as well.

Climatics Equipment:

  • Walk-in environmental chamber that has temperature and humidity. Inside dimensions are 12’ wide by 15’ deep by 10’ tall with a 9’ tall by 8’ wide door.
  • One walk-in environmental chamber that can reach limits of -70 to +100°C. Its inside dimensions are 5’ wide by 7’ deep by 7’10” tall. The chamber is cooled with 30 hp compressors for fast temperature transitions.
  • Six reach-in environmental chambers, of which four have humidity capability.
  • A salt fog chamber with an approximate inside dimension of 8’ x 4’ x 4’.
  • Wind-driven rain machine with a wind turbine capable of wind speeds up to 160 mph.
  • Drip pan as required for MIL-STD-810 Drip Testing.
  • All necessary IP Coding Equipment including a large dust chamber

Dynamics Equipment:

  • large-size electrodynamic shaker which is an 11,000 lbf shaker with 3” max displacement. It includes a unibase with a hydrostatic slip table with journal bearings (specifically for testing tall racks in the horizontal directions).
  • One medium-size electrodynamic shaker which is an LDS 4,000 lbf shaker with 2” max displacement. It includes a unibase and hydrostatic slip table.
  • A medium-size dynamic shock machine, that is capable of thousands of G’s on payloads up to 200 pounds.
  • All vibration and shock capabilities are augmented through Vibration Research controllers. We have sine, random, sine on random, swept sine on random, random on random, resonance tracking, classical shock, SRS shock, transient capture, and transient playback capabilities with these controllers.


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