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Providing great customer service is something our company takes great pride in. Here are some comments from our customers:

On Overall Experience:

“Superior service all around.”

“We are always extremely pleased with the level of service we receive!”

“Great company to work with.”

“We are extremely pleased with the exceptional customer service and quality of services provided. I would highly recommend Keystone Compliance to anyone in need of these services. Fantastic staff, and a great overall experience.”

“The staff is great here. It is always a pleasure to come up and work with you.”

“Excellent company to work with. Responses, technical and commercial were excellent and timely.”

On Timeliness:

“Over the past 10 years I have had to deal with several different test facilities and Keystone Compliance is heads and tails above all of them in comparison. Testing is conducted in a timely, efficient manner and if any issues arise during testing the staff is always very helpful in resolving the problem.”

“Keystone really helped us out of a jam. We had a test house lined up that couldn’t perform so you guys were behind the 8 ball when you started. You set a schedule, performed to it, and kept us notified so we could keep our customer happy. Thanks again!”

“Really appreciated the quickness of the quotation, your patience when we had to make some last second adjustments and your familiarity with our products.”

On Reporting:

“Your group put together a great report.  It’s easy to get bogged down in technical jargon, but each section was concise and easy to understand.  But above all else, I was impressed with the aesthetics of the report. The fonts, colors, and all-around format really made it stand out compared to reports we’ve received from labs in the past.”