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40,000 lb/f Shaker Perfect for Large Equipment and Railway Testing

Railway Equipment EMC/EMI, Climatic, and Mechanical Certification Testing

The railway industry, with its complex and varied environments, necessitates stringent compliance with environmental and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards to ensure the safety, reliability, and longevity of equipment.

Keystone Compliance, as an industry leader in rail-related product and system testing, offers comprehensive testing services that encompass a wide array of environmental and EMC standards, crucial for the railway industry.

Environmental and EMC Testing in the Railway Industry

Environmental Testing: 

The scope of environmental testing in rail-related products is vast, including but not limited to dust, sand, rain, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, and humidity. This testing is essential to ascertain that the equipment can withstand the varied and often harsh conditions they will encounter in real-world railway operations​​.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing:

EMC testing encompasses a broad range of standards, ensuring that railway electronics operate without interference and maintain functionality amidst various electromagnetic disturbances. These tests cover aspects like electromagnetic radiated emissions, electrostatic discharge (ESD), radiated immunity, and more, which are vital for the seamless operation of railway electronics in an electromagnetically diverse environment​​.

Key Standards and Their Technical Aspects in the Railway Industry

The railway industry is governed by several critical standards, each addressing different aspects of equipment performance and safety. Compliance with these standards assures the reliability and safety of railway equipment under various operational and environmental conditions.

AREMA 11.5.1: Communications & Signals Testing

  • Focuses on shock and vibration resistance for railway equipment.
  • Ensures durability and reliability under the demanding conditions of railway operations.
  • Critical for maintaining the structural integrity of railway components during transit and operation​​.

EN 50155: Rolling Stock – Electronic Equipment Testing

  • Covers electrical equipment used in rolling stock.
  • Addresses voltage variations, surge protection, temperature and humidity extremes, ensuring operational reliability across diverse climatic conditions.
  • Divides standard device temperatures into classes (OT1 to OT6) for different environmental temperature ranges, aiding in regional adaptability​​.

IEC/EN 61373: Rolling Stock Equipment – Shock and Vibration Testing

  • Specific to the performance of railway equipment under shock and vibration.
  • Essential for maintaining electronic and mechanical component integrity in the dynamic railway environment​​.
  • Ensures equipment meets global standards of durability and safety​​.

EN 50121-3-2: Railway Applications – Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing

  • Addresses EMC and EMI issues specific to railway systems.
  • Ensures electronic equipment in trains operates without electromagnetic interference, crucial for safety and communication systems​​.

IEC/EN 61000 Series: General Testing Standards for Industrial Environments

  • Covers various aspects of EMC, including ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), RF (Radio Frequency) immunity, and conduction immunity.
  • Critical for ensuring uninterrupted operation of electronic equipment in electromagnetically diverse environments​​.

AAR S9401: Railway Electronics Environmental Requirements

  • Outlines the range of environmental conditions for storage and operations of railway electronics equipment.

Industry Trends and the Importance of Compliance Tests

The railway industry is evolving rapidly, influenced by various trends that underscore the importance of stringent compliance testing:

Increased Automation and Digitalization: Modern trains are equipped with advanced electronic systems for automation, requiring rigorous EMC testing to ensure smooth operation.

Higher Speeds and Enhanced Passenger Comfort: With trains operating at higher speeds, the need for robust shock and vibration resistance increases, making EN 61373 and IEC 61373 compliance essential.

Greater Emphasis on Safety and Reliability: Safety is paramount in the railway industry, necessitating compliance with standards like AREMA 11.5.1 and EN 50155 to ensure equipment reliability and passenger safety.

Environmental Sustainability: The trend towards greener transport solutions puts a spotlight on energy efficiency and reduced emissions, where compliance with EMC and environmental standards ensures the eco-friendliness of railway systems.

Global Market Access: Compliance with international standards like IEC 61373 and the EN 61000 series is crucial for manufacturers aiming for global market access, ensuring that their products are acceptable in multiple jurisdictions.

Keystone Compliance’s Advanced Testing Equipment

Keystone Compliance’s 40,000 lb/f shaker exemplifies the advanced testing equipment necessary for conducting these rigorous tests. The ability to simulate a vast range of environmental and electromagnetic conditions is crucial for validating the resilience and compliance of railway equipment with the aforementioned standards.

Additionally, our EMC/EMI lab is highlighted by five test chambers, including two anechoic/ferrite lined 3-meter chambers and three semi-anechoic EMC test chambers. A double-door entry into a 32’ by 20’ semi-anechoic chamber with an 8’ turntable allows us to accommodate oversized equipment. The two three-meter chambers have oversized doors as well.

Expert Railway Regulatory Compliance and Certification Testing

Listed below are some of the tests and specific standards that we have tested to. We are always seeking new testing capabilities and the opportunity to customize testing. If there is a standard that you require, but do not see on this list, please let us know and we can determine if it is within our scope.

Please contact us when you have an EMC or environmental testing need for your rail product.

Rail-Related Environmental Testing Scope

Rail-Related EMC Testing Scope

Rail-Related Environmental Standards

Rail-Related EMC Standards