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IEC 61010 Product Safety Testing of Laboratory and Scientific Electrical Equipment

IEC evaluates the safety of electronic equipment. As a certified testing laboratory, we realize the importance of product safety testing. Meeting the IEC 61010 requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone Compliance partners with customers to achieve IEC 61010 test standard compliance. Our accurate test reports are delivered quickly. When products do not meet the requirements, we assist with finding solutions. Lastly, we take pride in providing the peace of mind that all of your needs will be met. 

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Summary of IEC 61010-1 Electronic Product Safety

The IEC 61010 product safety standard is used for electrical test equipment. This equipment includes electrical measurement equipment, electrical industrial process-control equipment, and electrical laboratory equipment.

IEC 61010-1 testing is carried out to check that the design and construction ensure conformity with this test method. Tests on subassemblies of the equipment are not repeated during type tests of the whole equipment.

Generally, each test is conducted on the equipment assembled for normal use. The test equipment is assembled under the least favorable combination of conditions. After each test, the equipment is inspected. If there is doubt in the reliability of the equipment, any earlier tests are considered to be failed.

          Electrical test and measurement equipment: This equipment indicates or records one or more electrical or physical characteristics. The test also records non-measuring equipment such as signal generators, measurement standards, power supplies, transmitters, etc.

The IEC standard test method pertains to computers, processors, etc. IEC 61010 also applies to test equipment integrated into the manufacturing process.

          Electrical industrial process-control equipment: This equipment controls one or more output quantities to specific values. The IEC 61010-1 equipment controls each value by manual setting. It also controls equipment by local or remote programming, or by one or more input variables.

          Electrical laboratory equipment: The IEC 61010 product safety standard test equipment that measures, indicates, monitors, or is used to prepare materials. Furthermore, IEC 61010 tests equipment that inspects or analyses materials. This includes vitro diagnostic (IVD) equipment.

Note that equipment excluded from the IEC 61010 scope consists of:

  • Safety machinery
  • Household and similar electrical appliances
  • Electrical installation of buildings
  • Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies
  • Medical electrical equipment
  • Information technology equipment
  • Power transformers, power supply units, and similar equipment
  • Hand-held probe assemblies
  • Live-working voltage detectors

Scope of IEC 61010 Electrical Product Safety Compliance Testing

The requirements in this product safety standard ensure that hazards to the equipment operator are tolerable. The standard also ensures the surrounding area is reduced to a tolerable level. 

Requirements for protection against specific hazards are listed below. Follow the links for more detailed information on each hazard.

  • Protection against electric shock
  • Protection against mechanical hazards
  • Resistance to mechanical stresses
  • Protection against the spread of fire
  • Protection against hazards from fluids
  • Protection against radiation
  • Protection against liberated gases

The safety requirements for IEC 61010 does not include:

  • Reliable function, performance, or other properties of the equipment not related to safety.
  • Effectiveness of transport packaging.
  • EMC requirements.
  • Protective measures for explosive atmospheres.

IEC 61010-1 Requirements for Electrical Equipment Conditions

The standard applies to equipment designed to be safe under the following conditions:

  • Indoor use
  • Altitude up to 2,000 m
  • Temperatures ranging from 5 C to 40 C
  • Maximum relative humidity of 80% for temperatures up to 31 C
  • Maximum relative humidity of 50% at 40 C
  • Mains supply voltage fluctuations up to 10% of the nominal voltage
  • Temporary overvoltages occurring on the mains supply
  • Applicable pollution degree of the intended environment

Expert IEC 61010 Product Safety Equipment Compliance

Keystone has a full lab of test equipment which permits us to provide short lead times on scheduling. In addition to product safety IEC 61010 testing, Keystone has a full scope of expertise including ingress protection, ISTA package testing, or EMC/EMI testing. Our team strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing.

Have a question about product compliance testing and certifications? Contact us or call (919) 296-0098 and we will determine the best course of action. If you are ready to start your product safety testing process, please request a quote

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