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EMI Site Survey

EMI Site Survey

An EMI site survey is an independent assessment of the potential Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) risks that might interfere with an implantable electrical device such as a pacemaker or defibrillator. The assessment should be completed by a qualified and accredited independent test lab such as Keystone Compliance and in collaboration with the employer, manufacturer of the device, patient and physician.

A site survey is conducted by taking various electromagnetic measurements throughout the facility. Keystone Compliance uses a broad range of industry-accepted standards and specifications to determine which electromagnetic fields exist. Following completion of the on-site survey, Keystone Compliance provides the customers with a detailed site survey report that will help identify EMI sources and zones with the potential to interact with an implantable electrical device. This information should then be shared with the physician and employer to develop an action plan to reduce potential negative effects to the patient’s health.

Employee and patient safety is maximized when EMI dangers are determined by a site survey and not a malfunctioning pacemaker. Contact Keystone Compliance to discuss completing a site survey.

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