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EMC Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC Testing

When it comes to Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC Testing) and Electromagnetic Interference testing (EMI Testing), very few labs in the world have the capabilities of Keystone Compliance. Our experienced engineers have the knowledge, equipment and resources to provide the EMC compliance testing manufacturers need. Hundreds of manufacturers rely on Keystone to complete their EMI testing each year. Here are some of the reasons why:

Engineering and Communication:

Our engineers know the EMC test standards. Their experience allows them to streamline the testing process and test devices appropriately. If failures occur, they work with the customer to identify sources and potential fixes. Whether it be EMC shielding, gasketing, cabling or some other resolution, our engineers have various tools and resources at their disposal to assist customers.

Communication is constant throughout the EMI test program. Whether the test program is being witnessed or not, our customers are always aware of the progress of the testing. Our communication is why we have been referred to as the best EMC test lab.

International Acceptance:

Keystone Compliance is an ISO-17025 accredited test lab who’s test reports are recognized around the world. A majority of the international markets require EMC testing. If you are exporting your products, we can help. With our quality system, knowledge and relationships, you can receive your testing domestically at Keystone. Our test reports are accepted in nearly every country, eliminating a need for retesting in another country.

However, not everyone needs certification testing all of the time. We accommodate research and development time by teaming up your team with one of our engineers and a chamber. This is a great way to run scans and learn how your product performs prior to starting the formal compliance test program.


Keystone’s electromagnetic compatibility testing lab features seven EMC chambers. Three of the EMC/EMI chambers are large 3-meter chambers with oversized doors. In addition to the EMI test chambers, the lab also has several ground planes used for ESD, indirect lightning and other non-chamber testing. From an equipment standpoint, our lab features industry-leading equipment. Plus, our EMC test engineers have the ability to design custom test setups when needed.

Our equipment also allows us to complete EMC on-site testing. We have the ability to test large devices that cannot be moved or test equipment that experiencing challenges in a certain environment. We also complete EMC site surveys of facilities. Want to know if your employee with a pacemaker can safely work in your facility? We can assist with that. We also provide shielding effectiveness and NEMP testing on building and infrastructure.


When you combine unparalleled knowledge with great equipment, you get unmatched capabilities. We can complete radiated immunity testing up to 200 V/m from 10 kHz to 40 GHz. Our radiated emissions testing goes up to 40 GHz. The surge testing can reach 200kV/100kA. Electrostatic discharge testing “ESD testing” capabilities are up to 30 kV and higher.

Immunity testing is a core competency. Our conducted immunity testing to levels well above the highest defined “standard” levels. The magnetic field immunity testing is up to 100 A/m continuous and 40,000 A/m short/impulse. As previously mentioned, we can construct customized transient waveforms to extend level, duration and/or repetition of the standard’s definition.

Another core expertise is shielding effectiveness testing. Our shielding effectiveness capabilities range from small panels and boxes all the way up to large enclosures, buildings and cabling. Our scope includes a wide dynamic range all the way to 40 GHz”.

From a scope standpoint, we are accredited to and have capabilities of completing a majority of the commercial and military electromagnetic compatibility test standards. Want to create your own test plan? We can help there as well.

Customer Experience:

The customer experience is a primary focus of our operations. The experience starts with quoting and ends with the report delivery. Our quote turnaround is quick and our quotes are thorough and straightforward. With a team of engineers and multiple chambers, lead times on job scheduling is short. Having invested in equipment, software and training, the testing process is as efficient as you will find in the EMC test lab industry.

As previously mentioned, our communication during the test program is constant. There are no surprises. In addition to the contact information of the lab manager, all customers receive the contact information of a program manager and the EMC/EMI test engineer completing the testing.

Upon completion of the EMI testing is the creation of the report. We have a team of report writers that complete thorough and timely reports.

Expert Electromagnetic Compatibility Compliance Testing

Ready to work with the best electromagnetic compatibility regulatory compliance test lab in the world? Find out firsthand why so many companies choose to work with Keystone Compliance for their regulatory compliance testing needs. Contact us to start a conversation.

Below are some of the many capabilities our EMI/EMC lab offers: