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EMC Research and Development

Keystone Compliance works directly with manufacturers to determine potential electromagnetic compatibility compliance testing issues. These are also known as EMC compliance testing issues. This EMC certification review can occur anytime in the manufacturing process. With a significant amount of experience, our EMC test engineers are able to identify issues. This in turn allows us to assist with finding resolutions. In addition to addressing EMC issues, our lab also addresses electromagnetic interference or EMI challenges as well.

EMC Design Guidance

Our staff works directly with manufacturers and compliance engineers to review a product’s design. This process can include the issuance of a report. These reports call out the areas reviewed as well as recommendations and proposals for any additional work necessary. This can include work for compliance to particular standards. The design guidance stage includes a complete review of items such as, but not limited to:

  • Board layout and stack-up
  • Signal Integrity
  • Wiring/harnessing
  • Enclosure design
  • System architecture
  • Power supply design
  • Safety Construction (Electrical & Mechanical)
  • Prototype/Pre-Compliance Testing

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing

EMI Compliance testing does not have to wait for the final product design to be available. Useful information can also be obtained at an early prototype stage. It can even occur at a single board level. Keystone Compliance’s vast EMC test lab experience can determine if a potential problem could exist. This assists in finding a cost-effective solution at this early stage of product design. These services include reviews of:

  • Board level testing
  • Cable shielding effectiveness testing
  • Enclosure shielding effectiveness testing
  • Component level testing
  • Emission & Immunity Measurement/Evaluation
  • Grounding & Bonding Evaluation
  • Safety Construction (Electrical & Mechanical)
  • Troubleshooting

EMC Product Optimization

Occasionally, a system or unit will require some modification during testing. Keystone Compliance’s product certification testing experience is a resource in locating the source of the problem. However, problem resolution is not enough. We work with our customer to determine cost effective and timely solutions. Our EMI test lab is stocked with various EMC improvement tools such as filters, gaskets, cables and shielding. We also have relationships with various EMI component manufacturers.

Keystone Compliance’s goal is to provide a manageable solution. We want the most practical, accurate and least expensive solution. A partnership between Keystone Compliance allows problems to be solved before and during the design and testing process. This expedites and ensures a seamless path to market.

With our quality system and accreditation, Keystone Compliance test reports are recognized around the world. Manufacturers can receive their testing at Keystone Compliance for nearly any global economy. There is no need for retesting within that economy. This reduces the need for duplicate testing and provides a significant time and cost savings.

Our EMC lab features seven EMC test chambers. We also have a significant amount of EMI test equipment. In addition to the EMI test chambers, our lab features several ground planes. These are used for ESD testing and other non-chamber compliance testing. We are known as a leader in shielding effectiveness testing. We also offer indirect lightning testing. Keystone is accredited to a substantial number of test standards. We also work with manufacturers to develop custom EMI test programs.

The combination of product certification experience, EMI test chambers and EMC test equipment is rare. This differentiates Keystone Compliance from other compliance test labs. We have short lead times on scheduling and very quick turnarounds on reports. We have also invested time and money into technology. This allows us to automate and streamline testing. This results in very competitive pricing.

Hundreds of manufacturers partner with Keystone Compliance on an annual basis. Contact us to learn firsthand why. For more information on EMC testing, visit the links in the side bar.