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Research and Development


Keystone Compliance works directly with manufacturers to determine potential compliance issues throughout the manufacturing process, whether it be concept, design, prototype or pre-compliance.

Design Guidance

The staff at Keystone Compliance works directly with manufacturers and engineers to review their design. This due diligence allows Keystone to identify compliance issues, assist in obtaining the necessary data, perform the required testing and obtain certifications. This process can include a report calling out the areas reviewed, with recommendations and proposals for any additional work necessary for compliance for particular standards. This includes a complete review of:

  • Board layout and stack-up
  • Signal Integrity
  • Wiring/harnessing
  • Enclosure design
  • System architecture
  • Power supply design
  • Safety Construction (Electrical & Mechanical)

Prototype/Pre-Compliance Testing

Compliance testing does not have to wait for the final product design to be available. Useful information can also be obtained at an early prototype stage or even at a single board level. Keystone Compliance’s vast experience can determine if a potential problem could exist, assisting manufacturers and engineers in finding a cost effective solution at this early stage of product design.

  • Board level testing
  • Cable shielding effectiveness testing
  • Enclosure shielding effectiveness testing
  • Component level testing
  • Emission & Immunity Measurement/Evaluation
  • Grounding & Bonding Evaluation
  • Safety Construction (Electrical & Mechanical)


Occasionally, a system or unit will require some modification during testing. Keystone Compliance’s experience is an invaluable resource in locating the source of the problem and defining cost effective and timely solutions.

  • Test Equipment and Software Optimized for Performance, Test Time and Accuracy
  • Near Field Probes
  • Current Probes
  • Finding alternative solutions

Keystone Compliance’s goal is to provide you with the most practical, accurate and least expensive solution to your regulatory compliance issues. A partnership between Keystone Compliance, manufacturers and engineers allows problems to be solved before and during the design and testing process, expediting and ensuring a seamless path to market.

Please contact us to discuss how our research and development options can streamline your regulatory compliance testing and product design.