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ASTM Package Test Lab

ASTM Package Testing

Package sustainability compliance testing is the process that simulates the real-world supply chain life-cycle by emulating various activities in a laboratory environment. The goals of package testing are to reduce damage and warranty claims, achieve certification standards of some vendors and reduce shipping costs through lighter and smaller packaging. Keystone is accredited to ISO-17025, including many ASTM standards.

ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials develops compliance standards for a wide range of products and packaging. The organization continues to review and update their standards.

Keystone engineers stay up to date on the most current standards so that they can provide customers with the best service. The engineers use their knowledge and experience to test accurately and efficiently.

The bulk of package testing involves simulating real-world conditions that a package might experience during its journey through the supply chain. Depending on the product and industry, the touch points can often reach double digits and also involve some extreme conditions. Packages must successfully navigate conditions such as extreme temperatures, temperature variations, compression, vibration, impact, shock, drop, reduced pressure and altitude. The packaging must not only stand up to these events, it must do so while maintaining the integrity and performance of the product it houses.

For many ASTM package testing standards, the guidelines describe procedures for testing. The testing laboratory and client are responsible for determining pass and fail standards. The ASTM standards are specific to the client’s distribution channel and stresses that the product would likely encounter. Some standards, such as ASTM D4169 already have pass/fail guidelines in place.

Keystone engineers are qualified and experienced to help you develop the appropriate testing guidelines that will best fit your needs.

Expert ASTM Regulatory Compliance Testing

What makes Keystone Compliance different in the package testing world? We have extensive experience and understand the requirements. We do not over-test. We have redundant equipment and dedicated report writers, which expedite the testing and report turnaround time. Furthermore, our professional engineers communicate throughout the entire test program. Our pricing is competitive and we offer volume discounts. Our lab is also certified to test to ISTA and Amazon standards.

Keystone Compliance can meet your package test needs. By providing quick turnarounds, competitive pricing and engineering assistance, Keystone Compliance has become a leader in the shipping test industry. Request a quote to see why so many companies partner with Keystone to meet their package testing needs.

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