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Dynamics Testing

Dynamics Testing

Keystone Compliance is a fully-compliant dynamics lab with the expertise and experience to assist manufacturers in meeting their regulatory compliance needs. What differentiates Keystone Compliance from other dynamics test labs is its staff, technical capabilities, facility and equipment.


Keystone Compliance is an accredited laboratory with a staff of engineers and report writers with the technical expertise to meet testing requirements with thoroughness, accuracy and efficiency. The staff at Keystone focuses on proactive communication with the customer. Our engineers understand the importance of providing technical feedback and detailed reports with quick turnaround times. Our goal is to expedite the testing process with positive results for the customer.

Technical Capabilities

Keystone Compliance’s specific dynamics testing capabilities include, but are not limited to, testing to the following standards; AREMA, CENELEC, EN 61373, ISTA, MIL-STD 167, MIL-STD 202, MIL-STD 750, MIL-STD 810 and RTCA-DO 160. Our specific dynamics testing capabilities include.

  • Drop Testing: Our drop testing capabilities can accommodate drops from several stories onto various surfaces.
  • Shock Testing: The shock testing can range from a single digit to thousands of G’s.
  • Vibration Testing: Our lab features four shakers of various capacities and displacements.

Our facility is designed for engineering comfort. The facility is a 30,000 sq. ft. building, located on a four-acre campus. The lab space is brightly lit, temperature controlled and features a spacious customer lounge with individual workstations, WiFi and numerous other amenities.


Our dynamics lab is highlighted by the following equipment:

  • An electrodynamic shaker which is a 13,000 lbf shaker with 3” max displacement. It includes a unibase with a hydrostatic slip table with journal bearings (specifically for testing tall racks in the horizontal directions).
  • An electrodynamic shaker which is an LDS 4,000 lbf shaker with 2” max displacement. It includes a unibase and hydrostatic slip table.
  • An electrodynamic shaker which is a water-cooled Ling 4,000 lbf shaker with 1” max displacement. It includes a unibase and hydrostatic slip table.
  • A mechanical shaker with an over-sized shaker table.
  • A medium size dynamic shock machine, that is capable of thousands of G’s on payloads up to 200 pounds.
  • We have sine, random, sine on random, swept sine on random, random on random, resonance tracking, classical shock, SRS shock, transient capture, and transient playback capabilities with these controllers.
  • In addition, Keystone Compliance has capabilities to perform both on- and off-site vibration analysis using a data acquisition system.

Keystone Compliance is a leader in dynamics compliance testing that hundreds of manufacturers partner with on an annual basis. Request a quote to experience working with a truly engineer-friendly compliance lab.