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Company Overview

Keystone Compliance is a full-service regulatory compliance laboratory offering solutions for nearly all EMC/EMI, environmental, ISTA-certified package and ingress protection testing requirements. Keystone prides itself on being the engineer’s laboratory due to our focus on the four main points of a lab; staff, facility, equipment and location.

Staff. Keystone Compliance is an accredited laboratory with a staff of engineers and report writers with the technical expertise to meet testing requirements with thoroughness, accuracy and efficiency. The staff at Keystone focuses on proactive communication with the customer. Our engineers understand the importance of providing technical feedback and detailed reports with quick turnaround times.

Facility. Customer comfort is a priority of Keystone Compliance. The facility is a 30,000 sq. ft. building located on a four-acre campus. The lab space is brightly lit, temperature controlled and features a spacious customer lounge with individual workstations, WIFI and numerous other amenities.

Equipment. Our EMC/EMI lab features five test chambers, including three anechoic/ferrite lined 3-meter chambers. Our environmental lab includes three electrodynamic shakers, multiple walk-in temperature/humidity chambers, a number of reach-in temperature/humidity chambers and a variety of other environmental test equipment.

Location. Keystone Compliance is conveniently located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland with easy access from a variety of interstates. Our lab is located in a business district with a number of restaurants and retailers in close proximity, and a new three-star hotel approximately two miles away.

Since our founding in 2007, Keystone Compliance has been dedicated to providing our customers with accurate, timely, and cost-effective services. Unfortunately, over testing is common in the industry. Keystone does not over test. Our technicians and engineers work with companies to figure out how much testing is required and then perform the tests in an accurate and timely manner. Our full-time report writers follow reporting guidelines to ensure that the reports will be recognized globally. We also know that your privacy is an important part of maintaining a competitive advantage, so we prioritize confidentiality. For that reason, we do not publish the names of companies that we work with.

Download our brochure or visit our other websites to learn more about the services we offer.