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Walk-In Fast Ramp Temp. ChamberEN 60068-2-30 Damp Heat Environmental Testing

As a certified environmental test lab, we realize the importance of EN 60068-2-30 compliance testing. We are in constant communication throughout the entire test process.

We provide the peace of mind that all of your needs will be met. Request a quote to learn why we are one of the fastest-growing compliance test labs in the country. 

Summary of EN 60068-2-30 Damp Heat Compliance Testing

EN 60068-2-30 damp heat testing is designed to determine the suitability of components, equipment, or other articles for use, transportation, and storage under conditions of high humidity – combined with cyclic temperature changes and, in general, producing condensation on the surface of the specimen.

The ENV compliance test comprises one or more temperature cycles in which the relative humidity is maintained at a high level. Conditioning includes the test specimen being introduced into the test chamber either in the unpacked, switched-off, ready-for-use state, or as otherwise specified in this standard.

If the environmental test is being used to verify the performance of a specimen whilst it is being transported or stored in packaging, the packaging will normally be fitted when the test conditions are being applied.

Lastly, it is important to note that for small, low mass specimens, it may be difficult to produce condensation on the surface of the specimen with this procedure. Keystone Compliance recommends the use of an alternate procedure such as IEC 60068-2-38, Composite Temperature / Humidity Cyclic Test.

Keystone Compliance Provides Expert EN 60068 Lab Testing Services

With a full climatics lab and being an ISTA-certified package testing laboratory, Keystone Compliance is uniquely qualified to meet all of the required EN-60068-2-30 testing needs. Our EN 60068 compliance testing lab includes temperature chambers of all sizes, including the ability to test items larger than a car.

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