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ASTM D6537 Standard Practice for Instrumented Package Shock Testing for Determination of Package Performance

The scope of ASTM D6537 covers methods for obtaining measured shock responses using instrumentation for an actual or simulated product package system when subjected to defined shock inputs to measure package performance.

ASTM D6537 package testing establishes methods for obtaining measured shock data for use with shock and impact test methods. It is not intended as a substitute for performance testing of shipping containers and systems such as ASTM D4169.

When testing, an ASTM D6537 package testing lab will address acceleration measuring techniques. Other ways of measuring shock impacts, such as high-speed video, are not covered by this practice.

The ASTM D6537 test is intended to provide the user with a process to obtain data on package performance when a packaged product is subjected to shock. These measures can be used to quantify or qualify a package system.

Data from this practice may provide a measure of a package’s ability to mitigate the various levels of shipping shock or impact hazards. These measures may be used to prescribe a mode of shipping and handling that will not induce damage to the packaged product or to define the required levels of protection that must be provided by its packaging.

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