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ISTA 7E Temperature Validation Package Testing

ISTA 7E package testing discovers the significance of thermal transport packaging used in single parcel delivery systems. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of ISTA 7E thermal validation testing. Meeting the ISTA 7E requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone Compliance’s proven process helps avoid product launch delays and our accurate test reports are delivered quickly. Keystone takes a consultative approach throughout the entire test program. We have a reputation of helping customers achieve their package certifications.

Request a quote and find out first hand about our competitive pricing, timely process, and outstanding reputation. Have a question about ISTA 7E temperature validation testing? Contact us and we will determine the best course of action.

Summary of ISTA 7E Temperature Validation Package Testing

ISTA 7E is a new version of the 7-Series tests. This temperature validation test evaluates the effects of external temperature exposures on individual packaged products. These exposures occur when shipped through parcel delivery systems. If used as a stand alone standard, it is useful for general testing and qualification of insulated shipping containers. This is often called cold chain package testing.

Testing to ISTA 7E standards is recommended to comply with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) guidelines. It also validates the thermal performance of insulated shipping containers.

The qualification process benefits the end user of the product. The product supplier benefits as well. With thermal packaging, the product can be sure to have the maximum shelf life possible. 

The supply chain is streamlined, which results in lower costs. This makes the product more affordable.

To begin testing for ISTA 7E, the test lab will need to obtain the appropriate number of samples for testing. The package and product should be unused. This helps achieve the best test results. The goal is an accurate representation of shipping conditions on the sample. If the actual package and product are not available, substitutes can be used. The samples must be as close to the actual sample as possible.

During testing, the product and package are considered one unit. ISTA recommends that three samples be tested. The ISTA 7E package test lab uses a new sample each time for accurate results. The refrigerant or temperature stabilizer should be the actual one used during production. We record data throughout the entire test. Our test reports include the data.

To ensure perfect test samples, they should be shipped in an over box or assembled at the laboratory. We test products from around the country. Upon receipt, the test specimen will undergo temperature conditioning.

To measure performance, ISTA guidelines will be used to establish criteria. The package will be placed in conditioning chambers and adjusted to the desired temperature and humidity.

The package will be observed for any damage, degradation or indicators of failure. This includes damage to the product or package. Our team records all findings. If failures occur, testing is stopped. Customers are made aware of any issues as they happen. Our team can suggest design changes.

At the conclusion of testing, Keystone will write a comprehensive report. This report outlines the specific temperature validation test procedure used. The temperature and humidity variances that the test specimen was subject to will be included. Additionally, the lab will record the package and product measurements. This includes size, weight, etc.

ISTA 7E temperature validation testing is one of the necessary steps in acquiring the ISTA Thermal Transport Certification Mark. The mark is a registered certification mark that can only be printed on certified packages. It can only be used by license agreement.

Companies must be ISTA members to use it. In order to maintain certification, retesting must be done whenever there is a change. This includes the manufacturing process or the package itself.

Expert ISTA 7E Temperature Validation Package Testing

Keystone Package Testing has many conditioning chambers of various sizes. We are able to test multiple specimens at once. This results in faster turnaround times. We can accommodate almost any package. Our team has experience testing packaging for different environmental conditions.

We can help you realize the benefits of a certified package. We are temperature validation testing experts. If you know what you need, then request a quote from us. If you are unsure, contact us. We thoroughly understand the cold chain package testing standard. Our fleet of chambers can test any sample size.

Our lab staff is knowledgeable and experienced in ISTA testing guidelines. Keystone works with companies to ensure they are in compliance with regulations. Our full-time report writers provide reports that are accepted globally. To begin the ISTA 7E testing process, just request a quote or call us at (724) 657-9940.

In addition to ISTA 7E, Keystone is also accredited to ISTA 7D cold chain testing.