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The ISTA 3F package testing standard is for package pallets in mixed pallet loads for regional shipments that are 100 pounds or less. This standard is a general simulation test for packaged products that are shipped as individual packages from a distribution center to a retail outlet. These shipments are in a mixed pallet configuration.

The ISTA 3F test scope includes atmospheric preconditioning, compression, shock, vibration and more shock. There is also an optional atmospheric conditioning available for shippers if they wish to include it. The atmospheric conditioning can include temperature testing, humidity testing or both. The ISTA3F shipping test standard spells out different temperature and humidity profiles for different conditions. There is hot and humid, dry heat, cold humid and severe cold with uncontrolled humidity.

The compression testing can be applied in one of three methods. The first method is machine apply and release. The second method is machine apply and hold. The third option is applying compression with weight and a load spreader. The company can select which ISTA 3F compression method they wish to use on their product. The compression levels are determined from a warehouse compression calculation detailed in the package test standard.

The shock testing is a series of two drop tests. The first drop test is at 12 inches. The second drop test is at 30 inches. The vibration profile required for ISTA 3F transit testing is random vibration testing. The second round of shock testing is the identical drop testing that occurred prior to the vibration test.

Unlike other ISTA test standards, six test samples are required for ISTA 3F shipping testing. The standard specifies which sample should be dropped on which side and while corner.

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