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Amazon Type A (11)


ISTA 2A is the first standard in the ISTA 2 Series. This series is a combination of basic test elements from ISTA 1 (non-simulation integrity performance testing) and ISTA 3 (general simulation performance testing). Test Procedure 2A covers testing of individual packaged-products weighing 150lb (68 kg) or less when prepared for shipment. The one exception is for individual packaged-products on a visible skid or pallet and that weigh more than 100 pounds (45 kg). These items may be tested according to Test Procedure 2B or 3E.

The test blocks in ISTA 2A include the following:

  • Atmospheric Conditioning-Temperature and Humidity.
  • Compression-Compression.
  • Vibration: First Sequence (Fixed Displacement)-Vibration-Fixed Displacement.
  • Vibration: First Sequence (Random)-Vibration-Random.
  • Shock-Shock-Drop.
  • Vibration: Second Sequence (Fixed Displacement) – Vibration- Fixed Displacement.
  • Vibration: Second Sequence (Random)-Vibration-Random.

The chart below is from the standard and provides more guidance on the testing procedure and requirements:

Sequence #Test CategoryTest TypeFor ISTA Certification
1Atmospheric PreconditioningTemperature and HumidityRequired
2Atmospheric conditioningControlled Temperature and HumidityRequired
3Compression (Alternative methods allowed-select one test type)Machine Apply and Release/Machine Apply and Hold/Weight and Load SpreaderRequired
4Vibration (alternative methods allowed-select one test type)Fixed Displacement/RandomRequired
5Shock (alternative methods allowed-select one test type)Drop/Incline Impact (conbur)/Horizontal ImpactRequired
6Vibration (alternative methods allowed-select one test type)Random Fixed Displacement/Required


The ISTA 2A compression test requires consideration of the following:

  • Box failure that could result in a stacking failure is considered a failed test, if the packaged-product may be warehoused during distribution
  • Box failure is allowed if the packaged-product provided is not warehoused, and at the conclusion of all testing, the product is not damaged according to the Product Damage Tolerance established and the package still meets the acceptable package condition, both of which are determined in the standard.

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