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FCC Part 18 EMC Testing In Durham North Carolina

FCC Part 18 Testing at Keystone Compliance Durham, North Carolina

FCC Part 18 regulates the radio frequency (RF) emissions of industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) equipment. The primary goal is to minimize interference with authorized radio communications services.

The FCC regulation ensures that ISM equipment does not cause harmful interference to radio communications and that such equipment can coexist with other electronic devices.

Adhering to FCC Part 18 is crucial for manufacturers to verify that their products do not disrupt other electronic devices and to comply with federal regulations. This compliance helps avoid legal issues and enhances product reliability and market acceptance.

Additionally, compliance with FCC Part 18 demonstrates a commitment to quality and responsibility, which can significantly boost a manufacturer’s reputation and consumer trust.

FCC Part 18 EMC/EMI Testing Overview

There are several types of tests involved in FCC Part 18 compliance, primarily focusing on radiated and conducted emissions.

Radiated emissions tests measure the electromagnetic energy radiated from a device through the air. On the other hand, conducted emissions tests assess the energy conducted along power lines and other cables.

Products that require FCC Part 18 testing are generally those used in non-residential environments where they can generate significant levels of electromagnetic energy. This includes:

  • High-frequency industrial heating equipment used in manufacturing processes
  • Medical equipment used for treatments involving RF energy
  • RFID Systems used in logistics and inventory management systems
  • Various scientific instruments.

Ensuring that these products meet the FCC Part 18 standards is not only a regulatory requirement but also a quality assurance step. This helps maintain the integrity and reliability of other electronic devices and communication networks in their operational vicinity. Compliance with these standards help manufacturers avoid fines, product recalls, and potential legal issues.

Why Choose Keystone Compliance?

No Need for an NRTL

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an NRTL for EMC and safety testing. Keystone is equipped to provide all necessary testing and certification services, streamlining the process. Unlike NRTLs, Keystone Compliance offers hands-on assistance during troubleshooting, so you won’t be left stranded and behind schedule.

Conveniently Located Near RDU Airport

Our modern facilities are equipped with advanced testing equipment, enabling us to deliver accurate and reliable results. We continually invest in our infrastructure to ensure that we can meet the evolving needs of our clients and maintain the highest standards of testing excellence.

We are strategically situated just 10 minutes from RDU airport, making it highly accessible for both local and faraway businesses.

Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in compliance testing. We are dedicated to providing high-quality testing services and expert guidance throughout the compliance process, assisting so your products meet all necessary standards.

FCC Part 18 Testing Process at Keystone Compliance

Initial Consultation

To begin, a thorough consultation is needed to understand your testing needs and regulatory requirements. Experts work closely with you to identify potential issues and develop a tailored testing plan that addresses all relevant aspects of your product’s compliance.

Testing Procedures

Testing procedures are meticulously planned and executed, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all necessary tests. We utilize certified equipment and methodologies to conduct accurate and reliable tests, providing you with the data and insights needed to achieve compliance.

Reporting and Documentation

Upon completion is a detailed report and documentation, offering transparency and actionable insights for compliance. Keystone’s reports are globally recognized and comprehensive, enabling you to understand the results and take necessary actions to address any issues identified during testing.

Expert FCC Part 18 EMC/EMI Testing Lab

Keystone Compliance in Durham, North Carolina, is your ideal partner for FCC Part 18 and other EMC testing needs. With our convenient location, expert team, and comprehensive services, we ensure a smooth path to compliance and market readiness for your products.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your testing needs. Request a quote to get started.


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