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IEC 55014 EMC/EMI Testing for Electrical Appliances and Similar Apparatus in Durham, North Carolina

IEC 55014-1 and -2 are essential standards for the testing and certification of electrical appliances, tools, and similar apparatus. These standards ensure that such equipment meets necessary electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, focusing on emission and immunity testing.

Compliance with these standards is critical for manufacturers to guarantee that their products do not cause or suffer from electromagnetic interference, ensuring smooth and safe operation.

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Summary of IEC 55014-1 and -2 Standards

The IEC 55014 series was developed to address the growing need for standardized EMC testing in the consumer electronics and appliance industries. Originating from the broader IEC 61000 series, these standards were tailored to specifically address the unique challenges posed by household appliances, electric tools, and similar apparatus. The primary objective is to set forth guidelines for both emission and immunity testing to maintain a stable and interference-free electromagnetic environment.

IEC 55014-1: Focuses on emission requirements, detailing the limits and testing methods for electromagnetic emissions from appliances and similar apparatus. This standard ensures that the emissions do not interfere with other electronic devices, maintaining a harmonious electromagnetic environment.

IEC 55014-2: Addresses immunity requirements, outlining the procedures and criteria for ensuring that these devices can withstand electromagnetic disturbances without performance degradation. This standard ensures that the devices can operate reliably even in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference.

Keystone Compliance: Your Ideal Certification Testing Partner

No Need for an NRTL

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an NRTL for EMC and safety testing. Keystone is equipped to provide all necessary testing and certification services, streamlining the process. Unlike NRTLs, Keystone Compliance offers hands-on assistance during troubleshooting, so you won’t be left stranded and behind schedule.

Conveniently Located Near RDU Airport

Keystone Compliance is strategically situated just 10 minutes from RDU airport, making it highly accessible for both local and faraway businesses. This convenient location facilitates quick and easy travel for your team during testing periods.

Expertise and Capabilities

Keystone Compliance boasts a team of highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art testing facilities. Our expertise ensures accurate and efficient testing, helping your products meet FCC standards promptly.

Comprehensive Testing Services

From pre-compliance testing to full certification, Keystone Compliance offers a broad spectrum of services to meet all your regulatory needs. This comprehensive approach ensures your product’s market readiness.

IEC 55014-1 Emission Testing

Emission testing is the process of measuring the electromagnetic emissions from electrical equipment to ensure they are within acceptable limits. This is critical to prevent the equipment from causing interference with other electronic devices.

Ensuring that emissions are within specified limits is vital for maintaining an interference-free electromagnetic environment. Excessive emissions can disrupt the operation of nearby electronic devices, leading to malfunctions and potential safety hazards.


Emission testing involves setting up the equipment in a controlled environment and measuring the levels of conducted and radiated emissions using specialized instruments. Conducted emissions are those transmitted through power lines, while radiated emissions are those emitted through the air. The results are compared against the limits specified in IEC 55014-1 to determine compliance.

IEC 55014-2 Immunity Testing

Immunity testing assesses the resilience of electrical equipment to electromagnetic disturbances. It ensures that the equipment can operate correctly in the presence of various types of electromagnetic interference.

Immunity testing is crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of electrical equipment in real-world environments where electromagnetic disturbances are common. This prevents unexpected malfunctions and enhances user safety.


Immunity testing involves exposing the equipment to simulated electromagnetic disturbances, such as voltage dips, electrostatic discharge, and radio-frequency interference. The equipment’s performance is monitored to ensure it meets the criteria specified in IEC 55014-2.

Expert EMC/EMI Testing of Electrical Appliances and Similar Apparatus

IEC 55014-1 and IEC 55014-2 are vital standards for ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical appliances, tools, and similar apparatus. Through rigorous emission and immunity testing, these standards help manufacturers produce reliable, safe, and compliant products.

Adherence to IEC 55014 ensures that appliances and tools can operate without causing or suffering from electromagnetic interference, ultimately enhancing the safety and efficiency of their use in domestic and professional environments.

Keystone takes pride in providing the peace of mind that all of your testing needs will be met. Our proven process helps avoid product launch delays. We tailor each test plan to individual customer needs minimizing unnecessary costs and over-testing.

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