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IEC 55024 EMC/EMI Immunity Testing Located in Durham, North Carolina 

The need for reliable and interference-free electronic devices has never been greater. The IEC 55024 standard, which addresses immunity requirements for electronic equipment, plays a crucial role in ensuring that devices function correctly in various electromagnetic environments.

Keystone Compliance, an ISO 17025 accredited lab offering comprehensive testing services, is conveniently located within the Research Triangle Park (RTP) and just 10 minutes away from RDU Airport.

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Summary of IEC 55024 Laboratory Testing

IEC 55024 testing, also known as EN 55024 testing, evaluates the immunity of electronic devices to electromagnetic interference (EMI). It ensures that devices can operate as intended in their electromagnetic environment without malfunctioning due to external disturbances. This standard is essential for maintaining the reliability and performance of electronic equipment.

The primary importance of IEC 55024 testing lies in its role in safeguarding electronic devices from EMI, which can cause malfunctions, data loss, and even permanent damage. This testing is crucial for manufacturers to demonstrate that their products meet international electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, thereby facilitating market access and consumer trust.

Advantages of Keystone Compliance for IEC 55024 Testing

ISO 17025 Accreditation

Keystone Compliance is ISO 17025 accredited, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in the testing processes. This accreditation reflects Keystone’s commitment to quality and excellence in EMC testing.

Hands-On Assistance During Troubleshooting

Unlike Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs), Keystone ffers hands-on assistance during troubleshooting. This personalized support ensures that manufacturers are not left stranded and can address any issues promptly, staying on schedule.

Convenient Location and State-of-the-Art Facilities

Keystone Compliance is conveniently located within the RTP, just 10 minutes away from RDU Airport. This strategic location, combined with our state-of-the-art EMC/EMI testing lab, makes Keystone an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking efficient and effective testing services.

Comprehensive Testing and Certification Services

Our testing laboratory provides a full range of testing and certification services, streamlining the process for manufacturers. From initial testing to final certification, Keystone offers a seamless experience, ensuring all necessary requirements are met.

Types of IEC 55024 Tests

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing

ESD testing evaluates a device’s immunity to electrostatic discharges, which can occur when a person touches the device. This test simulates different scenarios, such as direct contact and air discharges, ensuring the device can withstand and recover from ESD events.

Radiated Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Immunity Testing

This test examines how well a device can operate when exposed to radio-frequency (RF) fields. It involves subjecting the device to varying RF signals to ensure it does not experience performance degradation or malfunction under real-world conditions.

Electrical Fast Transient/Burst (EFT/B) Testing

EFT/B testing assesses a device’s resilience to fast electrical transients, often caused by switching events in nearby equipment. This test ensures that the device can handle these bursts without disruption.

Surge Immunity Testing

Surge testing evaluates a device’s ability to withstand high-energy surges, such as those caused by lightning strikes or power line switching. This test ensures the device remains operational and undamaged under such conditions.

Conducted Radio-Frequency Immunity Testing

This test measures a device’s immunity to conduct RF disturbances along power and signal lines. It ensures that external RF interference does not affect the device’s performance.

Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Testing

This test examines how a device performs when exposed to magnetic fields generated by power lines or other sources. It ensures the device can operate correctly without interference from magnetic fields.

Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions, and Voltage Variations Immunity Testing

This test assesses a device’s ability to function correctly during voltage dips, interruptions, and variations. It ensures the device can handle power quality issues without malfunctioning.

EC 55024 Testing Procedures

Preparing for Testing

Preparation is critical for successful IEC 55024 testing. It involves understanding the device under test (DUT), defining the testing scope, and ensuring all necessary documentation is ready. Manufacturers should provide detailed product information, including specifications, operating instructions, and any relevant safety guidelines.

Conducting the Tests

During testing, the DUT is subjected to various electromagnetic disturbances as specified by the IEC 55024 standard. Each test is performed under controlled conditions, with the results meticulously recorded. Keystone Compliance provides hands-on assistance during troubleshooting, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.

Analyzing Test Results

After testing, the results are analyzed to determine the device’s compliance with IEC 55024. Any failures are investigated, and manufacturers are provided with detailed reports outlining the findings and recommendations for corrective actions.

IEC 55024 testing is essential for ensuring the reliability, safety, and marketability of electronic devices. By adhering to this standard, manufacturers can demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality, interference-free products.

Expert IEC 55024 Regulatory Compliance Testing

Keystone Compliance, is an ISO 17025 accredited EMC/EMI testing lab conveniently located within the RTP and just 10 minutes away from RDU Airport. The lab offers comprehensive testing services, hands-on assistance during troubleshooting, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Trust Keystone Compliance to streamline your testing process and ensure your devices meet the highest standards of electromagnetic compatibility.

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