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ASTM D999-68 Standard Method of Vibration Test for Shipping Containers

ASTM D999-68, while it does not duplicate transportation vibration environment since it is conducted on an accelerated basis, is designed to determine the ability of a container, with its interior packing and means of closure, to provide sufficient protection against damage to its contents when subjected to the vibration of transportation.

The ASTM D999-68 test is recommended to evaluate an economical design of container, proper interior packing, and adequate strength of closure. ASTM D999-68 testing is suitable for testing containers of any form, any material, any kind and design of interior packing and means of closure, and any size and weight. Because of the broad band of frequencies found in the vehicles of common carriers, the method is divided into two procedures: Procedure A, container not fastened to the table, and Procedure B, container fastened to the table.

ASTM D999-68 test labs require all packages to be submitted lo Procedure A to test the ability of the package to withstand repeated shocks, both from the point of fatigue and the high frequencies induced by the shocks. Only packages containing commodities susceptible to resonance at low frequency, such as radios, television sets, appliances, etc., need be submitted to Procedure B. Procedure B is designed to determine if the low frequencies of vehicle suspension will produce resonance of either the article-packing combination or of any of the article components.

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