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ASTM D5112 Standard Test Method for Vibration (Horizontal Linear Motion) Test of Product

ASTM D5112 Standard Test Method for Vibration (Horizontal Linear Motion) Test of Product

The scope of ASTM D5112 testing covers the determination of resonances of unpackaged products and components by means of horizontal linear motion applied at the surface on which the product is mounted. For vertical vibration testing of products see Test Method ASTM D3580.

This information may be used to examine the response of products to vibration for product design purposes, or for the design of a container or interior that will minimize transportation vibration inputs at the critical frequencies, when these product resonances are within the expected transportation environment frequency range. Since vibration damage is most likely to occur at product resonant frequencies, these may be thought of as potential product fragility points.

Information obtained from the optional sinusoidal dwell and random test methods may be used to assess the fatigue characteristics of the resonating components and for product modification. This may become necessary if a product’s response would require design of an impractical or excessively costly shipping container.

The ASTM D5112 test does not necessarily simulate vibration effects the product will encounter in operating or end-use environments. Other, more suitable test procedures should be used for this purpose.

Products are exposed to complex dynamic stresses in the transportation environment. The determination of the resonant frequencies of the product, either horizontal, vertical or both, aids the designer in determining the proper packaging system to provide adequate protection of the product, as well as providing an understanding of the complex interactions between the components of the product as they relate to expected transportation vibration inputs.

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