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ASTM D2658 Dimensions of Fiberboard Boxes

ASTM fiberboard testing covers the interior and exterior dimensions of slotted styles with corrugated and fiberboard boxes. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of fiberboard box testing. Meeting the ASTM D2658 requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process. 

Keystone takes a consultative approach throughout the entire test program. Our pricing is competitive and we offer volume discounts. We have a reputation for helping customers achieve their package certifications. Lastly, Keystone Compliance creates an accurate test plan to eliminate expensive over-testing.

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Summary of ASTM D2658 Testing Information

As mentioned above, this test method determines the dimensions of regular or special slotted styles of single-wall corrugated, double-wall corrugated, and solid fiberboard boxes.

The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. Dimensions are important properties in the general construction of a box. Furthermore, accurate methods of measurement are required for research work, routine control, and acceptance testing.

Scope of ASTM D2658 Fiberboard Box Testing

Correctly dimensioned and well-made boxes can be easily set up by hand or using automatic equipment. Square boxes stack better to accept loads and improve stability during storage and shipment.

Interior dimensions are critical when the content of the box is intended to fill or nearly fill the box. The inside of the box can be estimated from measurements when the scoring allowance is taken into account.

Exterior dimensions are also considered to be critical design criteria when attempting to optimize the use of shipping platform areas. It may also be used to optimize the overall stack height based on the transportation and storage limitations. Furthermore, exterior dimensions are important when making common footprint boxes.

Measuring the number of boxes determines if a lot is within the specified tolerance for each dimension. A minimum of five specimens are measured. On the other hand, measuring a single box determines if a particular box is within the specified tolerance for each dimension. The test result for each dimension corresponds to the average of all measurements for that dimension.

Significance of ASTM Corrugated and Fiberboard Testing

Sampling, conditioning, and package procedures are all important in order to determine the dimensions of corrugated and fiberboard boxes. 

Random specimens are selected from good practice or sampling procedures. Boxes used for measurement are first inspected to see if they meet quality requirements. If the boxes to be measured cannot be set up so that the opposing panels and the tops and bottoms are parallel, meaningful measurements can not be gauged.

The boxes for measurements are conditioned in accordance with ASTM D658 or D4332 at standard conditions.

When ordering or designing a box, the interior score to score dimensions is an important requirement. These dimensions are most commonly quoted and used in specifications, computer-aided design, or other structural drawings.

Interior score to score dimensions that are measured by the tape method requires disassembled boxes that are laid open. However, interior box dimensions by the gauge method are measured by the length between two end panels.

The test report will include basic information such as the date of the procedure, time, location, and test engineer. Detailed information includes the specific size of the box and tolerance for dimensions.

Expert ASTM D2658 Package Testing

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