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Amazon-APASS Package Certification Testing

Amazon Package Certification Testing

Amazon requires many of its sellers and vendors to certify packages. Keystone Compliance is an ISTA and Amazon-approved package testing lab. We understand the requirements and assist Amazon sellers through seller central. We also assist Amazon vendors through Amazon vendor enrollment.

The package testing standards were developed by Amazon and ISTA (International Safe Transit Authority Association). The objectives include reducing waste and minimizing returns. Other objectives are reducing the weight and dimensions of products and minimizing damage.

Amazon has multiple levels of product certification. These levels are based on three primary factors. First, the amount of prep Amazon must provide. Second, the material composition of the packaging. Lastly, the amount of time necessary to remove a product from its packaging. 

Keystone is one of a select few approved Amazon packaging certification labs. We are members of Amazon’s APASS Network. Having been trained at Amazon’s lab in Seattle, our team is extremely familiar with the requirements. We can assist vendor’s through the product registration process.

We can simulate the entire Amazon fulfillment process. We suggest alternatives to packaging material. We also understand the prep requirements. ASINs can be grouped. Not every unit might need to be tested. We can assist in grouping units.

Amazon-Classified Package Levels

There are three tiers of Amazon’s package verification. The Amazon packaging testing tiers are:

  • Frustration-Free Packaging or “FFP” are similar to SIOC. These packages must meet ISTA 6-Amazon SIOC requirements. They require no over boxing. They require no Amazon prep. Also, these packages must be made of recyclable materials. However, unlike SIOC packages, the FFP packages must also be easy to open. These product must be completely removed from its packaging within just two minutes. FFP packages enjoy the most benefits. These include free Vine enrollment and additional site marketing. Reduced shipping charges and reduced package costs are also available
  • Ships In Own Container or “SIOC” packages also require no prep. They also do not require over boxing by Amazon. The packaging itself must include recyclable materials. The packaging must be as minimal as necessary. SIOC packages are considered Tier 2. These packages must meet the package testing requirements of ISTA 6-Amazon SIOC. SIOC packages receive a reduction in Amazon chargebacks. SIOC packages receive reduced packaging and transportation costs, too.
  • Prep-Free Packaging or “PFP” are packages that are shipped in an Amazon Box. These packages do not require additional preparation or packaging by Amazon. Prep-Free Packages are often referred to as over boxing. They are classified as Tier 3. These packages must be tested at an approved lab. The standard to meet is ISTA-6 OB. PFP packages enjoy a reduction in Amazon-prep chargebacks.

Receive Expert Amazon-APASS Package Certification Testing

Keystone Compliance can help you realize the benefits of a Amazon certified package. If you know what you need, then request a quote from us. If you are unsure, contact us. We thoroughly understand the package testing standard. We also know that ASINs can be grouped to reduce testing. You might not need to test nearly as much as you think you do.

As a leader in Amazon package testing, we work with hundreds of companies each year to assist in their compliance testing needs. Also, our lab features short lead times on scheduling. We quickly write and submit concise reports. Volume discounts are available. We look forward to working with you to help you certify your packages through our streamlined process.

Visit APASS Lab for more information on Amazon SIOC testing and a free test-type calculator that will recommend the best test type for your product.

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