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Amazon Package Testing

E-Commerce has dramatically added complexity to package testing. While most retailers require compliance to existing ISTA or ASTM standards, some retailers such as Amazon and Sam’s Club have created their own requirements. Amazon has multiple levels of product certification that are based on the amount of prep Amazon must provide, the material composition of the packaging and the amount of time necessary to remove a product from its packaging. As an approved testing lab for Amazon, Keystone can assist companies work through the Amazon process.

Since implementing new regulations effective August 1, 2019, Amazon can charge vendors and distributors a $1.99 per unit chargeback fee on packages that have not been certified. However, package certification through testing at an APASS network laboratory will eliminate these chargebacks. Keystone is one of a select few approved Amazon package testing labs and Amazon packaging certification labs in Amazon’s APASS Network. Having been trained at Amazon’s lab in Seattle, our team is extremely familiar with the requirements and can assist vendor’s through the product registration process.

There are three tiers of Amazon’s package testing certification that follow ISTA package testing guidelines. The Amazon Packaging testing tiers are:

  1. Frustration-Free Packaging or “FFP” are similar to SIOC in that they must meet ISTA 6-Amazon SIOC requirements, require no over boxing, require no Amazon prep and must be constructed from recyclable materials. However, unlike SIOC packages, the FFP packages must also be made in such a way that the product can be completely removed from its packaging within just two minutes. FFP packages enjoy the most benefits, which include free Vine enrollment, additional site marketing, reduce shipping charges and reduced package costs.
  2. Ships In Own Container or “SIOC” packages require no prep or over boxing by Amazon. The packaging itself must include recyclable materials and as minimal as necessary. SIOC packages are considered Tier 2 and must meet the package testing requirements of ISTA 6-Amazon SIOC. SIOC packages also receive a reduction in Amazon chargebacks as well as reduced packaging and transportation costs.
  3. Prep-Free Packaging or “PFP” are packages that are shipped in an Amazon Box, but do not require any additional preparation or packaging by Amazon. Prep-Free Packages are often referred to as over boxing and classified as Tier 3. These packages must be tested at an approved lab and meet the requirements of ISTA-6 OB. PFP packages enjoy a reduction in Amazon-prep chargebacks.

Keystone Compliance understands the new Amazon package testing requirements and can guide vendors and sellers through the process. As an ISTA-certified package test lab, our reports are accepted globally. We also offer short lead times on scheduling and a quick turnaround on test reports. If and when failures occur during the package testing program, our team can provide feedback and ideas for action steps to overcome the challenges. Our communication throughout the process is constant, timely and professional. You will always know the status of your test program. Our prices are affordable and we offer volume discounts. We also can provide expedited testing when needed.

Contact us to see why so many companies trust Keystone Compliance to meet their package testing needs and why Amazon approved our lab as one of its select APASS package testing laboratories.

For more information on our full-range of Amazon package testing, please visit This is a website we created that speaks directly to all of our Amazon package testing capabilities.