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Amazon Over Boxing Package Testing

Over boxing is the process of placing a product in an Amazon box. The Amazon box is referred to as a mast box. To determine the ability of a package to protect its product while in a master box, Amazon created the ISTA Boxing package test method.

This packaging test standard was written to test e-commerce fulfillment for certain individual retail packaged-products. These products must weigh 70 pounds or less. During over boxing, often places products into larger shipping containers. The product can be by itself or with other retail-packaged products. Products are often protected with dunnage. Dunnage is typically air pillows or Kraft paper.

Certification Process

Overboxing requires package certification. Packages must be tested by an amazon approved package test lab. Amazon created a network called APASS to assist with this. As an Amazon APASS approved test lab, Keystone Compliance knows the packaging requirements. The apply to Amazon sellers and Amazon vendors.

Amazon sellers must submit test reports to seller central. A test report is also needed for the Amazon vendor enrollment process. The overboxing testing is very different than the SIOC package testing requirements. There are not the same requirements for packaging material and prep requirements.

Testing Overview

ISTA Boxing challenges the products and its packaging. The objective is to determine the ability to withstand the Amazon fulfillment packaging system. In general, this includes damage-producing events such as shocks, drops and vibrations.

E-commerce fulfillment is unique. It is when retail packaged products are not shipped in their own container. Single or multiple packages may be placed in a corrugated shipping container. They can be combined with dunnage in preparation for shipment.

Over-box tests the protective performance of packaging. The package will undergo testing related to stresses normally encountered during transportation. In testing, the product will be inside the package. The product and package are considered one unit. Not all shipping conditions that a package may encounter will be tested. For example, this does not test for any irregular handling.

Successful completion of this test is not always a substitute for all hazardous material packaging standards. It is important to check international, national or other regulatory requirements. This test can be used in conjunction with those regulations. It is not a replacement of them.

Scope of Testing

Included below is a complete look at the testing scope for package verification of over boxes.

Sequence NumberTest CategoryTest TypeTest LevelFor ISTA Certification
1Atmospheric Preconditioning
Temperature and HumidityAmbientRequired
2Atmospheric Conditioning
Controlled Temperature and HumidityTemperature and Humidity chosen from chartOptional
Drop9 DropsRequired
Random With Top-LoadOverall Grms levels of 0.53 and 0.46Required
Drop8 DropsRequired
Leak Test8 hoursRequired for Liquids ONLY

Receive Package Certification

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