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Amazon Type B

Amazon SIOC Type B Package Testing

Amazon Type B package certification is required for many vendors and sellers. To qualify for test method B, the package must be between 50 and 100 pounds. The girth must be equal to or less than 165 inches. These packages are typically shipped using standard shipping methods such as parcel delivery.

Type B is part of the Amazon SIOC program. SIOC stands for Ships In Own Container. These are packaged products shipped through Amazon’s distribution system to the final customer. SIOC packages do not require an Amazon box. This is often called over-boxing. The SIOC packages are part of the frustration-free packaging testing Amazon requires.

Frustration-free packaging is easy to open. It has packaging material comprised of recycled material. It does not have a significant amount of waste by reducing the weight and dimensions. This also reduces waste. 

Amazon Type B SIOC Objective

The objective of these packaging tests is to evaluate the protection provided by packages. Packages undergo various testing methods. The test plans were designed by Amazon and the International Safe Transit Authority (ISTA). The SIOC packaging test program is also referred to as ISTA-6.

For ISTA-6 Type B, the tests include vibrations, shocks and drops. Products can be preconditioned if necessary. The Amazon package verification process simulates the physical rigors of Amazon fulfillment. During testing, the packaging and the product inside the packaging are evaluated. Damage is evaluated for both the package and the product.

Unacceptable Packages

Acceptable Amazon fulfillment packages are assessed based on package test performance. There are some package designs that are unacceptable. These designs include packages that have non-taped, 123 or auto bottom boxes. Packages with protruding tuck flaps are not permitted. Tabs and protruding handles are also not permitted. Tuck flaps that protrude are rejected.

Cut outs are not acceptable. These can include situations where the packaging has partial or fully-exposed products. Plastic bags and other coverings are not permitted. Box deforms caused by insufficient packaging will lead to failures. Lastly, boxes that do not have six sides are not permitted.

APASS Package Testing

To assist Amazon seller and Amazon vendors, Amazon created APASS. APASS is a package certification network of package testing companies. Keystone Compliance is an accredited APASS package testing lab. We know the package testing requirements. We also understand the seller central registration process and package prep requirements. We assist companies with Amazon vendor enrollment and Amazon package testing.

ISTA-6 Type B Test Plan

The test plan for Amazon Type B packages includes 13 sequence numbers. The first step is atmospheric preconditioning. The package and product must be exposed to ambient temperature and humidity for at least 12 hours. Step two is optional and is more conditioning. This conditioning is controlled and can either be hot or cold for a predetermined amount of time.

The third step is a free-fall drop. There are nine drop tests in this step. Step four is a tip test or a tip-over test. This is only for elongated packages. The fifth step is vertical compression testing. Horizontal compression is the sixth step. Vibration testing is step seven. This testing is conducted with and without a top load.

The ninth through 12th sequences only apply to elongated packages.These tests are a rotational edge drop, full rotational flat drop, bridge impact and concentrated edge impact. The rotational edge drop is from a height of nine inches. The full rotational flat drop varies based on the package dimensions.

The bridge impact and concentrated edge impact are both conducted at 16 inches. Elongated packages are defined as packages ≥48 in. (1.2 m)  tall with any one base dimension < ½ the height. Another qualifier is packages ≥ 30 in. (760 mm) tall and with a center of gravity vertical location > ½ the package height.

The final test only applies to liquids and that is a leak test. This is an integrity test.

Get Certified

Are you ready to receive the benefits of a certified package? We are experts in e-commerce package testing. Here are the steps to follow. If you know what you need, then request a quote from us. If you are unsure, contact us. We thoroughly understand the requirements. We also know that ASINs can be grouped to reduce testing. You might not need to test nearly as much as you think you do.

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