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WalMart Black Friday

Keystone Compliance is one of a select few labs in the country authorized to perform ISTA 3E testing for Wal-Mart vendors. Wal-Mart has released guidelines and requirements for POP Displays that will be used during their Black Friday promotions, including a mandate that ISTA Procedure 3E testing be performed with a pass result.

ISTA Procedure 3E includes the following test methods:

  • Random vibration
  • Shock testing
  • Compression testing

Wal-Mart’s 3E Pass/Fail Guidelines

Product Damage

  • Damage to the product is not acceptable.
  • Structures will be rejected if product damage occurs during the testing process.
  • Product damage consists of dents, scuffs, punctures, rips, crushing or distortions of the product itself.

Primary Product Packaging Damage

  • Small scuffs or dents to primary product packaging will be accepted but damage that fully punctures primary product packaging, or damage that is significant enough to distract and/or deter the consumer from purchasing the product, will be rejected.

POP Display Damage

  • Some minimal damage to displays is anticipated during testing. However, displays must:
  • Be capable of arriving at the retail floor.
  • Remain intact, free standing, and upright.
  • Hold intended product / quantities.
  • Display the product in the manner originally intended for the display.
  • Not pose a safety threat to consumers.

Keystone Compliance can meet your ISTA 3E and the Wal-Mart Black Friday package testing needs. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with your package testing needs.

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