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QVC Package Testing

As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of QVC package testing. Meeting the QVS requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone Compliance creates an accurate test plan to eliminate expensive over-testing.

When packages do not meet the requirements, we assist with finding solutions. Keystone takes a consultative approach throughout the entire test program. 

Request a quote and find out first hand about our competitive pricing, timely process, and outstanding reputation. Contact us to receive more information on QVC testing.

Summary of QVC Package Testing

QVC ships almost all of its products using small parcel distribution systems. A package test method that more closely represents the nature and intensities of the hazards typically found in the distribution or small parcel shipping environment is ISTA Procedure 3A: Packaged-Products for Parcel Delivery System Shipments 70Kg (150 pounds) or less (standard, small, flat or elongated).

The International Safe Transit Association (“ISTA”) has developed a variety of internationally recognized package test protocols which predict the ability of a packaged-product to survive transit and handling. Many of these tests are “challenge tests” in that they challenge a packaged-product to withstand a series of predetermined hazards.

QVC requires some products to be tested using ISTA Test Method 3A. ISTA 3A testing must be done via a third party test lab, like Keystone Compliance. ISTA 3A defines testing requirements for Packaged-Products up to 150 pounds or less when prepared for shipment via a parcel delivery carrier. ISTA Procedure 3A entails subjecting a packaged-product to various vibration testing and a 17 point drop test. When testing per 

ISTA 3A only one saleable unit is required to be sent to Keystone Compliance. Inner and master carton packaging does not require ISTA 3A testing.

QVC Third-Party Package Testing Process

  1. Design an appropriate package that will protect the product and withstand the rigors of the small parcel distribution environment.
  2. Test the saleable unit packaged-product at an ISTA-certified test lab like Keystone Compliance. As needed, re-design and re-test until the package-product passes transit testing.

(1) Package test only the saleable unit packaging

(2) Inner and master carton packaging do not require ISTA 3A testing.

  1. After performing the packaging test, all individual units must be examined carefully for defects. This inspection must include appearance, functionality, and any other factor which would affect the expected use of the product.
  2. Once the test is successfully completed, the vendor must forward a copy of the test report along with the First-Piece QA sample to QVC QA.

(1) Electronic copies of the test report are required.

(2) Please send an electronic version of the test report to QVCQAHARDGOODS@QVC.COM

(3) Once received, QVC QA will validate the test report against the physical sample (i.e. weight, dimensions, internal packaging).

  1. Once final approval is given, the vendor must establish procedures to pack the product in the designed packaging, and to ensure the product is packaged the same way each time. Periodically review and monitor this procedure to ensure compliance.

As an ISTA-certified package testing laboratory with significant experience testing to ISTA-3A, Keystone Compliance can meet all of your package testing needs required for you to sell products via QVC.

Our engineers know the requirements and can provide guidance on any questions or challenges that may arise. Please contact us to receive a quote to complete your ISTA package testing.

Below is a list of all of the products that QVC requires companies test to ISTA-3A: (Effective September, 2011)

NOTE: At the sole discretion of QVC-QA, ISTA 3A Testing may be required for any specific product.

  • Accessories – Jewelry
    • Jewelry Storage
  • Bath
    • Bathroom Storage (glass, ceramic, terracotta, wood)
  • Candles & Scents – Dept
    • QVC Flameless Candles (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Real Flame Candles (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
  • Collectibles
    • Bells (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Collector Plates (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Commemoratives (reorg) (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Dolls – Collectibles (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Figurines & Sculpture (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Music Boxes (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Trinket Boxes (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Villages (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Water Globes (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
  • Computers
    • Desktop PCs
    • Monitors
    • Netbooks
    • Notebook Computers
    • Speakers – computers
  • Consumer Electronics
    • All-In-One Printers
    • Answering Machines
    • CBs & Scanners
    • Digital Camcorders
    • Digital Photo Frames & Viewers
    • DVD – Portable
    • DVD- Blue Ray
    • DVD/VCR Combos
    • EReference
    • Home Theater Systems
    • Karaoke
    • Lenses – Camera
    • Musical Instruments – Electronics
    • Nostalgia Audio
    • Shredders
    • Telescopes
  • Cookware and Bakeware
    • Accessories – QVC Cookware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Bakers, Casseroles, Etc. (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Dutch Ovens (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Kettles (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • More Bakeware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Roasting Pans – Cookware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Sauce Pans – Cookware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
  • Decorative Accents
    • Baskets
    • Clocks (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Decorative Botanicals (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Decorative Boxes & Trunks (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Indoor Fountains
    • Mirrors
    • Picture Frames
    • Stained Glass Panels, Etc.
    • Wall Décor (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
  • QVC Dinnerware
    • Bar Accessories (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Beverageware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Bowls – Dinnerware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Butter Dishes – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Coffee & Tea Pots – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Cups & Saucers (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Dessert & Salad Plates (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Pitchers – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Place Settings – Dinnerware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Serving Baskets – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Serving Bowls – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Serving Plates & Platters (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Sets – Dinnerware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Sets – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Specialty Pieces – Dinnerware (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Sugar Bowls & Creamers (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Tabletop Carafes – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Trays – Serving Pieces (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Tureens (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
  • Furniture
    • Accessories – Furniture
    • Beds, Etc.
    • Cabinets & Chests
    • Jewelry Armoires, Etc.
    • Children’s Furniture
    • Media Furniture
    • Office Furniture
    • Quilt Racks & Blanket Stands
    • Seating
    • Tables
  • Health and Fitness
    • Camping & Hiking Equipment
    • Fitness Equipment
  • Magnifiers & Reading Glasses (glass)
  • Holiday & Party Shop
    • QVC Christmas Decorations (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Easter Decorations (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Halloween Decorations (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Harvest Decorations (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
  • Home Environment
    • Air Cleaners
    • Fans & Ventilators
    • Fireplaces – HI Path
    • Heaters & A/C
    • Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
  • Kitchen Electrics
    • Blenders
    • Breadmakers
    • Coffee Makers
    • Convection Ovens
    • Deep Fryers
    • Espresso Makers & Cappuccino Makers
    • Food Prep
    • Ice Cream Makers & Ice Shavers
    • Indoor Grills
    • Juicers
    • Microwave Ovens (post)
    • Pots & Pans – Electric (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Pressure Cookers – Electric (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Roasters & Rotisseries (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Slow Cookers (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Stand Mixers
    • Steamers & Rice Cookers – Kitchen Electrics
    • Tea Makers, Etc.
    • QVC Toaster Ovens & Broilers
    • Toasters
    • Waffle Makers, Etc.
    • Warming Trays, Etc.
  • Kitchen Tools Accessories and Flatware
    • Colanders & Strainers
    • Electric Knives
    • Mixing Bowls (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Slicers & Graters & Choppers
  • Laundry & Closet
    • Irons & Clothes Steamers
  • Lighting Department
    • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Living
    • Bird Feeders, Etc.
    • Coolers & Bottles
    • Fencing
    • Lawn Decorations (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Outdoor Furniture (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Picnic & Beach Gear
    • Water Gardens & Fountains
  • Storage & Organization
    • Cookie Jars & Canisters (glass, ceramic, terracotta)
    • Kitchen Carts & Islands
  • Televisions
    • HD Flat Panel TVs