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EPRI On Site Testing

On-Site EMC Testing of Nuclear Power Plant Equipment

By the time the EPRI TR-102323 testing standard was developed, on-site testing at seven nuclear plants had provided a comprehensive view of electromagnetic emissions, forming the basis for the stipulation of equipment emission and susceptibility standards.

Fast forward to today, when internal plant components or equipment modules require replacement, full-scale testing of the entire system may not be feasible due to constraints like size and operational continuity.

This systematic approach ensures that replacements not only fit mechanically but also uphold the EMC integrity of the plant system, maintaining operational stability and compliance with established EMC standards.

Summary of On-Site Nuclear Power Plant EMI Testing

The qualification process for these components or modules involves the following steps:

Initial Assessment

Begin by reviewing operational histories and previous EMC performances of the current system and its components. If no electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues have been previously identified, proceed to the next step.

Developing a Test Plan for Existing Components

Create a detailed test plan based on EPRI TR-102323 guidelines to carry out emissions and susceptibility testing as per the established standards. This plan should aim to pinpoint the emissions levels and susceptibility thresholds pertinent to each test type for the existing components.

Comparative Analysis and Qualification

Evaluate and compare the emissions and susceptibility data between the existing and new components. The replacement component qualifies if it demonstrates emissions equal to or less than the existing component and has susceptibility thresholds that meet or exceed those of the existing system. Document all findings, analyses, and test data comprehensively in a final qualification report.

Comprehensive On-Site EMI Survey and Compliance Testing

Our on-site testing mirrors the meticulous, customer-centric approach of our in-house procedures. Throughout the testing program, we maintain clear and consistent communication to ensure transparency. Our team is dedicated to conducting comprehensive tests diligently and delivering detailed reports.

Our EMC engineers are adept at navigating complex challenges and providing expert engineering advice to surmount any potential obstacles.

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