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ISTA 1D is an integrity test that covers the testing of individual packaged products weighing 150 pounds (68 kg) or more when prepared for shipment. The test procedure calls for a battery of tests including:

  • Atmospheric Measurement Test Block-Temperature and Humidity.
  • Compression Conditioning Block- Compression.
  • Vibration Test Block-Fixed Displacement.
  • Random.
  • Shock Test Block-Drop or Impact.
  • Impact and Rotational Drop.

When properly applied, ISTA 1D will provide tangible benefits of:

  • Shortened packaged development time and confidence in product launch.
  • Protection of products and profits with reduced damage and product loss.
  • Economically-balanced distribution costs.
  • Customer satisfaction and continued business.

The chart below is from the standard and provides more guidance on the testing procedure and requirements:

Sequence #Test CategoryTest TypeFor ISTA Certification
1Compression ConditioningMachine or StaticRequired
2VibrationFixed Displacement/ Alternative RandomRequired
3ShockDrop/Alternative Incline (conbur)/         Alternative horizontal impactRequired
4ShockRotational Edge DropRequired when not testing face 1


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