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ISTA 1B Package Testing

ISTA 1B testing determines the integrity of individual packaged products over 150lbs. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of individual packaged-product testing. Meeting the ISTA 1B requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone provides the peace of mind that all of your needs will be met. Our pricing is competitive and we offer volume discounts. We have a reputation of helping customers achieve their package certifications. Lastly, Keystone Compliance provides comprehensive reports shortly after completion of the testing.

Request a quote to see why so many companies partner with Keystone Compliance. Contact us to receive more information on ISTA 1B integrity testing.

Summary of ISTA 1B Package and Transit Testing

ISTA 1B is an integrity test for individual packaged products that weigh over 150 pounds (68 kg). The test requires a combination of vibration and shock testing. Keystone Compliance is an ISTA-certified 1B test lab with significant experience testing products to ISTA-1B.

ISTA 1B contains three sections:

  • Overview provides the general knowledge required before going into the testing laboratory.
  • Testing presents the specific instructions to do the testing in the laboratory.
  • Report indicates what data shall be recorded to submit a test report to ISTA.

The test sequence for ISTA Procedure 1B includes the following:

  • Test Block 1: Vibration – Fixed Displacement.
  • Test Block 2: Shock – Drop or Impact.
  • Test Block 3: Shock – Impact and Rotational Edge Drop.

The chart below is from the standard and provides more guidance on the testing procedure and requirements:

Sequence #

Test Category

Test Type

For ISTA Certification



Fixed Displacement








Inclined Impact

Required when not testing face 1

Horizontal Impact

Expert ISTA 1B Package Integrity Testing 

As an ISTA-certified package testing lab, Keystone Compliance can meet your package testing needs, including ISTA 1B. By providing quick turnarounds, competitive pricing and engineering assistance, Keystone Compliance has become a leader in the package test lab industry. 

Receiving a quote to complete ISTA-1B testing is as easy as completing our online quote form, contacting us, or to call (724) 657-9940.