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ISTA 1B is an integrity test for individual packaged products that weigh over 150 pounds (68 kg). The test requires a combination of vibration and shock testing. Keystone Compliance is an ISTA-certified 1B test lab with significant experience testing products to ISTA-1B.

ISTA 1B contains three sections:

  • Overview provides the general knowledge required before going into the testing laboratory.
  • Testing presents the specific instructions to do the testing in the laboratory.
  • Report indicates what data shall be recorded to submit a test report to ISTA.

The test sequence for ISTA Procedure 1B includes the following:

Test Block 1: Vibration – Fixed Displacement.

Test Block 2: Shock – Drop or Impact.

Test Block 3: Shock – Impact and Rotational Edge Drop.

The chart below is from the standard and provides more guidance on the testing procedure and requirements:

Sequence #Test CategoryTest TypeFor ISTA Certification
1VibrationFixed DisplacementRequired
2Shock Required
3DropInclined ImpactRequired when not testing face 1
 Horizontal Impact

As an ISTA-certified package testing lab, Keystone Compliance can meet your package testing needs, including ISTA 1B. By providing quick turnarounds, competitive pricing and engineering assistance, Keystone Compliance has become a leader in the package test lab industry. Receiving a quote to complete ISTA-1B testing is as easy as completing our online quote form or calling us at (724) 657-9940.