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Product Safety IEC 62368 Section 10: Radiation-Caused Injury

The IEC 62368 product safety requirements evaluate audio, video, and information equipment concerning radiation-caused injuries. As a certified product safety testing lab, we realize the importance of IEC regulatory compliance testing. Meeting the product safety IEC 62368 compliance requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone Compliance creates an accurate test plan to eliminate expensive over-testing. We render comprehensive reports shortly after completion of the product safety standard test. When products do not meet the requirements, we assist with finding solutions. Keystone provides the peace of mind that all of your needs will be met. 

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Summary of IEC 62368 Radiation Product Safety Lab Testing

This IEC 62368 standard test method provides safeguard laboratory requirements to reduce the likelihood of injuries from radiation. Radiation from laser, infra-red, ultraviolet, x-ray, and acoustic energy may bring painful effects. The radiated energy is transferred by the breach of wave emission upon a body part.

Radiation-caused injury within this IEC standard is generally attributed to one of the following:

  • Heating of a body organ caused by exposure to non-ionizing radiation. This includes the highly localized energy of a laser impinging on the retina. It also includes heating a larger volume such as the energy from a high-frequency wireless, electromagnetic field.
  • Auditory injury caused by over-stimulation of the ear by excessive peaks or sustained loud sound. Ultimately leading to physical or nerve damage.

Scope of Standard IEC 62368 Regulatory Compliance Testing

The IEC 62368 conformance test describes a basic safeguard against radiation-caused injury as the containment of the energy within an enclosure. There are several extra safeguards against radiation-caused injury.

The additional safeguards may include safety interlocks to disconnect power to the generator, tamper-proof screws to prevent unauthorized access, etc. The basic safeguard against injury is limiting the acoustic output of personal music players. One must also lower their associated headphones and earphones.

Examples of extra safeguards against injury are the provision of warnings and information advising. These warnings tell the user how to use the equipment correctly.

          Visible, infra-red, and UV Radiation: Material that contains a safeguard and is exposed to UV radiation from lamp and lamp systems must be sufficiently immune to degradation. This is to the extent that the safeguard function remains effective over the equipment’s lifetime. Metal, glass, and ceramic materials do not need to be assessed. In general, optical radiation from the equipment must either:

  • Be contained by the enclosure of the lamps and systems,
  • Be contained by the enclosure of the equipment,
  • Not exceed the relevant limits of a specified group for normal operating conditions.

          Acoustic Noise Radiation: Safeguard requirements against acoustic sources are for protection against long-term exposure to excessive sound pressure. A personal music player is a portable piece of equipment intended to be used by an ordinary person that:

  • Is designed to allow the user to listen to audio content;
  • Uses a listening device such as headphones that can be worn;
  • Has a player that can be body-worn and is intended for the user to move around while continuous use.

Expert IEC 62368 Information and Communication Technology Product Safety Testing

In addition to IEC 62368 radiation product safety testing, Keystone has a full scope of expertise including EMC/EMI, package integrity, humidity, and NEMA enclosure. We also have a full lab of test equipment which permits us to provide short lead times on scheduling. Our team strives to give our customers more time and energy on product development instead of testing.

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