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EN 55014-1 EMC certification testing laboratory

EN 55014-1 EMC Certification Testing

EN 55014 EMC testing applies to the conduction and the radiation of radio-frequency disturbances from appliances whose main functions are performed by motors and switching or regulating devices, unless the r.f. energy is intentionally generated or intended for illumination. EN-55014 testing includes such equipment as:

  • Household electrical appliances
  • Electric tools
  • Regulating controls using semiconductor devices
  • Motor-driven electro-medical apparatus
  • Electric/electronic toys
  • Automatic dispensing machines
  • Slide projectors.

Other devices that must comply with an EN 55014 test include separate parts of the mentioned equipment such as motors, and switching devices e.g. (power or protective) relays. However, no emission requirements apply unless formulated in this standard. Conversely, excluded from the requirements of an EN-55014 test are apparatus for which all emission requirements in the radio frequency range are explicitly formulated in other IEC or CISPR standards.

EN 55014 EMC Lab Testing Procedures

To correctly complete the testing, an EN 55014 test lab will cover the frequency range from 9 kHz to 400 GHz. EN 55014-1 testing includes both conducted emissions and radiated emissions testing. EN-55014-1 testing includes in the definition of conducted emissions those emissions determined to be terminal disturbances and discontinuous.

EMC EN 55014-1 test labs often referral to these disturbances as clicks. In addition to clicks, EN 55014-1 testing labs may also test for flicker, voltage fluctuations, line harmonic emissions, and limitation of voltage changes.

Expert EN 55014-1 Regulatory Compliance & Certification Testing

Keystone Compliance is recognized as one of the premier EN-55014-1 test laboratories in the country. Our test facility features five EMC chambers, including three full-sized three-meter chambers. Our chambers have extra-large doors, heavy-duty turntables, and exhaust systems.

These features allow Keystone to test oversized items and engine-operating devices in the chamber. In addition to having phenomenal equipment capabilities, we also offer engineering assistance throughout the test program. When customers have units unable to initially meet the requirements of EN-55014-1 testing, our team of engineers provides expert guidance to identify the issues and find remedies to correct them. This engineering assistance sets us apart in the industry.

Please contact us the next time you have a need for EN 55014-1 testing.