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CISPR 14 EMC Regulatory Compliance & Certification Testing

CISPR 14 Unintentional Radiator Testing of Family Appliances

CISPR 14 addresses the electromagnetic emission and immunity of appliances that use electricity. Voltages not more than 250 for single-phase apparatus are to be connected to phase and neutral, and 480 V for other appliances.

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Summary of CISPR EMC Requirements for Household Appliances and Electrical Tools

The apparatus covers motors, heating elements, or a combination. These may contain electric or electronic circuitry and may be powered by the mains, by transformer, by batteries, or by any other electrical power source.

The following are also included in the scope of this EMC device testing standard.

  • Microwave ovens for domestic use and catering.
  • Cooking hobs and cooking ovens, heated using RF energy.
  • Induction cooking appliances.
  • Appliances for personal care equipped with radiators in the range of UV to IR.
  • Power supplies and battery chargers are provided with or intended for apparatus within the scope of this standard.

The CISPR 14 compliance test does not apply to:

  • Radio equipment for lighting purposes.
  • Apparatus designed strictly for heavy industrial purposes.
  • Apparatus intended to be part of the fixed electrical installation of buildings.
  • Apparatus intended to be used in locations where special electromagnetic conditions prevail.
  • Medical electrical appliances.
  • Personal computers and similar equipment.
  • Radio transmitters.
  • Etc.

Lastly, the object of this standard is to specify the immunity requirements for apparatus defined in the scope. This is only in relation to continuous and transient, conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbances.

CISPR 14 EMC Regulatory Compliance Conditions

When measurements of disturbance are being made, the appliance is operated in the following conditions below.

The appliances are operated from a supply that provides the rated voltage and rated frequency of the appliance. The duration is not restricted unless marked accordingly.

During electromagnetic compatibility testing, devices are operated under normal operating conditions. Transformer toys are tested with the transformer being supplied. If the toy is supplied without a transformer, it is tested with an appropriate transformer.

The radio frequency, RF, laboratory tests concerning electrostatic discharge, ESD, transients, surges, and voltage dips are carried out during each mode of operation. The tests concerning the electromagnetic fields and current injection are carried out during the scan time. These are carried out at random while the selected modes of the EUT are set into operation.

Multifunction equipment that is subjected simultaneously to different testing conditions is tested with each function operated in isolation. However, this is only if it can be achieved without modifying the equipment internally.

In the case of an EUT with an automatic cycling program, the scan time is started at random. The test is repeated until the cycle is finished.

The configuration and mode of operation during tests are precisely noted in the test report. This is to easily reproduce the unintentional radiator requirements if necessary.

Expert CISPR 14 Regulatory Compliance Testing

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