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Drop and Impact Testing

ASTM D6344 Concentrated Impact Testing

ASTM D6344 integrity testing covers filled transport packages for resistance against the distribution environment. As an ISTA and ISO 17025 certified lab, we realize the importance of ASTM D6344 testing. Meeting the ASTM D6344 concentrated impact laboratory requirements can be difficult. We understand the challenges and guide companies through the process.

Keystone Compliance is in constant communication throughout the ASTM D6344 test process. Our accurate test reports are delivered quickly and proven process helps avoid product launch delays. Keystone provides the peace of mind that all of your concentrated impact transportation needs will be met.

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Summary of ASTM D6344 – 04 Concentrated Impacts to Transport Packages

ASTM D6344-04 testing covers package sustainability procedures and equipment for testing complete filled transport packages for resistance against concentrated low-level impacts. These impacts are typically of those encountered in the distribution environment.

The ASTM D6344-04 test is most appropriate for packages such as thin fluted/lighter grade corrugated boxes or stretch-wrapped packaging. The ASTM impact test result is a pass/fail determination, based on acceptance criteria previously established, and a record of the energy dissipated by the complete filled transport package during a low level concentrated impact.

Scope of ASTM D6344 Impact Integrity Testing

This regulatory compliance method is intended to be used for two reasons.

First, the standard evaluates the ability of packaging to resist the force of concentrated impacts from outside sources. Such as those encountered in various modes of transportation and handling.

These impacts may be inflicted by adjacent freight jostling against the package in a carrier vehicle, by accidental bumps against other freight when loaded or unloaded from vehicles, by packages bumping against one another during sorting on conveyors or chutes, or many other circumstances.

Second, the D6344 test is intended to determine the ability of packing to protect contents from such impacts and evaluate if there is sufficient clearance or support between the package wall and its content.

ASTM D6344 Transportation Testing Procedures

The standard test method describes five phases for testing of transport packages. However, prior to testing, it is crucial to determine the requirements of the samples and specimen to be tested.

Testing Samples

The test specimen and number of samples are chosen to allow a suitable determination of representative performance. I.e., the samples must represent a sufficient amount of the existing packages being produced. Additionally, it is recommended that the package is prepared with the actual contents for which it was designed. The package is then closed in the same manner that will be used in preparing for the shipment.

Testing Procedure

First, the faces of the package being tested are identified. Normally, tests are conducted on only those faces that are most likely to receive concentrated low-level impacts during the distribution life-cycle.

Second, the location of impact on each surface is identified. If a package has a specified clearance between its face and the contents, and no support between the face and the contents over a substantial span of distance, the location of impact on that face should be the geometric center of the unsupported span.

Acceptance criteria then needs to be established.

Where possible, packages are tested in the proper humidity and temperature conditions. If testing cannot be performed in a conditioned atmosphere, the tests are conducted immediately upon the removal of the package from the conditioned atmosphere.

Lastly, the impact tests are conducted for each package face to be tested. This is done by first using the pendulum device to impact vertical faces of packages. For smaller packages or any situation where horizontal positioning of the test face is most convenient for testing, drop the cylindrical mass, using either guided free fall, or non-guided free fall.

After ASTM D6344 compliance testing has been completed, the report is written and includes the following information:

  • Reference to this ASTM D6344 test standard;
  • Dimensions of the package tested;
  • Complete structural specifications;
  • Kinds of material;
  • Description of the contents of the package under testing;
  • Number of specimens tested;
  • Method of conditioning;
  • Description of the apparatus used;
  • Detailed record of the test results for each package.

Expert ASTM D6344 Package Laboratory Compliance Testing

ASTM D6344-04 testing labs determine the ability of packaging to protect contents from such impacts, and to evaluate if there is sufficient clearance or support or both between the package wall and its contents.

Keystone Compliance can meet your all of your ASTM D3544-04 regulatory package integrity testing needs. By providing quick turnarounds, competitive pricing and engineering assistance, Keystone Compliance has become a leader in the package testing compliance industry.

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